Good luck Sim Guru Kate!

One of the few active and amazing Sim Guru’s out there Kate has accepted the job as our new community manager!!
You can read her own message on the sims 4 forum and you can leave a nice message for her too.
Good luck Sim Guru Kate and may the odds forever be in your favor!

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Happy 12th Birthday DMS2C!

How time flies by! Today is the 12th birthday for DMS2C, what started as a joke grew to something big overtime and ended as fast as it came LOL.
I will continue to be more active with the website and keep on working towards getting all the old downloads back online again.
And perhaps in time try to create new things again 🙂
If you want to read about the history of DMS2C you can do so here

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Everyday clothing male adult back online

Yes life gets in the way a lot of times but i’ll try to do one each week at least.
Since it’s not a copy / paste situation and I have to go through a lot of HTML that absolutely doesn’t make any sense it takes a while alas.
But rejoice for you are about to witness stuff from ancientness for male adults and everyday clothing click

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Bluebeard doesn’t do May the 4th!

But what does he exactly do?
Find out in the latest episode of Bluebeard

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SimGuruGraham speaks up about the silence

Thought I’d share a quick SimGuru update from my perspective on the forums – hope you find it illuminating. sims 4 forum

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Downloads Sims 2 everyday clothing female adult back online

So I should be getting ready for RL stuff but no I’m tinkering with the website LOL…As per fricking usual Rocket would say XD.
But!!! It helped cause I just put the 1st old page back online again 🙂
I’ve added a new page called Sims 2 downloads and under it you can find the 1st page I restored: Everyday clothing female adult

I even figured out how to get the legend to work again since the ex started to use different coding for some odd reason 😛 But hey who cares the 1st page is back online again… So the others will follow too.
Also keep in mind that these clothes were created for Sims 2 (and the house’s n stuff that will be added later once I find them) so it might look out of date (which it kinda is) and less good (also true!)
But hey nostalgia isn’t dead.
And it honestly felt really good tinkering with HTML again like I used to do.
Just click on the image and the download will open…presto or voila as Bluebeard would say it XD

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The results are in!

2 Days ago I asked you guys if you wanted the CC back that used to be on the website, as you can see in the poll results it was a yes with 75%!
So I’ll be making some new pages and try to get everything online again. It will take some time because it is a lot to go through and I have to make sure where everything is lol.
But hey projects are good XD.

Thank you all who voted in the poll 🙂

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Play The Sims 4 and The Sims Mobile For Awesome Rewards

If you do not live in China, Egypt, Germany, Hong Kong [SAR China], Japan, Korea [Democratic People’s Republic of], Korea [Republic of], Kuwait, Macao, Oman, Qatar, Russian Federation, Saudi Arabia, Taiwan, Province of China, and United Arab Emirates. Than this offer is for you! Find out more on theSims 4 website

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Bluebeard: Episode 1

The 1st episode is live! You can read all about Bluebeard’s adventures right here

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Bluebeard Legacy

One of the few legacies I’ve actually completed was the Bluebeard one.
I loved this one a lot, but alas all the data was lost on it..again.
So here is the new Bluebeard Quill and his house.

The rules of this legacy (which are very simple)
Goal: Murder 10 women and die from seeing one of their ghosts.

  • Bluebeard is a lazy pirate who does not want to work, all his income comes from the women (yes PLURAL).
  • The job of the women isn’t important as long as she and Bluebeard don’t starve
  • Bluebeard is allowed to sell paintings.
  • Bluebeard can only have 1 woman live with him at the same time, he can however have a mistress but of course the wife and mistress may not know about each other.
  • Bluebeard must make a painting of every woman before she dies, if she dies before the painting is done the challenge is lost. (This requires level 3 of the painting skill, paint from reference, so get painting from day one!)
  • The lot traits are NOT to be used! We don’t want things to get too simple.
  • I have only used the base game to create Bluebeard and his house so that everyone can join.
    You may redecorate the house with other packs, you also may build extra room or decorate the garden, you are not allowed to delete the house.
  • All urns must be kept on the sim, otherwise how will he die from seeing a ghost of his wife
  • Yes WIFE! He must marry all 10 women before he kills them.
  • When they are married, she moves in with Bluebeard, just her no one else of her family may move in (if she has them)
  • The killing is all up to you, get creative.
  • Bluebeard is not allowed to leave the lot.
  • You may create the women yourself if you want to.
  • You may NOT turn the aging off, you can keep Bluebeard young with the forever young potion.

You can tweet @dms2c and show me your progress. You can take pictures, movies, stream hell be creative XD.
I’ll post my updates here on the website. Also make sure you use the #Bluebearddms2c so other people can look at your progress too.

You can download Bluebeard Quill from the gallery and here is his house

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