Bluebeard Legacy

One of the few legacies I’ve actually completed was the Bluebeard one.
I loved this one a lot, but alas all the data was lost on it..again.
So here is the new Bluebeard Quill and his house.

The rules of this legacy (which are very simple)
Goal: Murder 10 women and die from seeing one of their ghosts.

  • Bluebeard is a lazy pirate who does not want to work, all his income comes from the women (yes PLURAL).
  • The job of the women isn’t important as long as she and Bluebeard don’t starve
  • Bluebeard is allowed to sell paintings.
  • Bluebeard can only have 1 woman live with him at the same time, he can however have a mistress but of course the wife and mistress may not know about each other.
  • Bluebeard must make a painting of every woman before she dies, if she dies before the painting is done the challenge is lost. (This requires level 3 of the painting skill, paint from reference, so get painting from day one!)
  • The lot traits are NOT to be used! We don’t want things to get too simple.
  • I have only used the base game to create Bluebeard and his house so that everyone can join.
    You may redecorate the house with other packs, you also may build extra room or decorate the garden, you are not allowed to delete the house.
  • All urns must be kept on the sim, otherwise how will he die from seeing a ghost of his wife
  • Yes WIFE! He must marry all 10 women before he kills them.
  • When they are married, she moves in with Bluebeard, just her no one else of her family may move in (if she has them)
  • The killing is all up to you, get creative.
  • Bluebeard is not allowed to leave the lot.
  • You may create the women yourself if you want to.
  • You may NOT turn the aging off, you can keep Bluebeard young with the forever young potion.

You can tweet @dms2c and show me your progress. You can take pictures, movies, stream hell be creative XD.
I’ll post my updates here on the website. Also make sure you use the #Bluebearddms2c so other people can look at your progress too.

You can download Bluebeard Quill from the gallery and here is his house

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Please vote in the twitter poll

So I’m revamping the website and got access to old files again. Should I make a new page letting people download the old Sims 2 stuff again, or should it stay locked away?

Twitter poll

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Website update part #ilostcount

So if you’ve been on the website before today than you’ve noticed some changes.
Don’t worry all the old stuff is still here.
I decided to start a fresh new site, but it would be a shame to delete all the work that i did on it all these years.
So I’ve simplified the categories to Retired Sims News – all the news from all the games that were launched before sims 4 can be found here, and retired website news all the news stuff before today I guess lol, i’m afraid that some of the articles might miss the images, some were linked to websites that are no longer online, and since it’s all old news it’s probably not that important 😉
Since I have a sorta full time job I will not be able to compete with news like the most news sites that are out there, but I will try to do my best with keeping you all updated and if I start creating again I will of course let you all know.
The forum has been closed and has never been recovered from all the dust that it gathered over the years of not being used.
Perhaps one day a new sort of forum will open, who knows, old is new and hot these days..XD


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Outdoor Retreat on Sale!

50% off The Sims 4 Outdoor Retreat through Origin!

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Patch Update 17-4-18

Want to know about the most recent updates to The Sims 4? Keep checking back for the latest patch notes!
UPDATE: 4/17/2018 – PC / Mac

Hey Simmers,

We have just a few things to share, so let’s jump right into them.

General Issues

– The Get Engaged whim can now be satisfied by choosing to propose.
– The engagement however will be satisfied only by the whims of the participants.

– Woohoo partners will no longer be chastised for sleeping in the Sims bed after woohoo.

– Sims that you know that are mixologists, caterers, or entertainers will now be available to hire for Social Events your Sim chooses to host.
– Check Toddler has been checked over and should be more reliable when toddler checking.
– We addressed some queue dropping and route fail issues that could occur with the check toddler interaction.
– Happy Toddler and Top-Notch Toddler traits now count towards the Most Interesting Sim in the World achievement.
– We have removed the female preference for holding toddlers in family portraits.
– Sims related to the toddler are now of equal likelihood to carry the toddler in the portrait.
– The “Debug” style will no longer be an available style filter in the Build and Create a Sim catalogs.
– While there was a movement amongst the design community to expand the notion of art, form, style, and fashion, it was ultimately deemed derivative of the work of Mugatu, and his Derelicte line.

Get to Work

– Receiving a citation will no longer cause your Sims arms to waive about uncontrollably.

Get Together

– Clubs that use the Play Cards rule, can now expect Sim club members to play cards.

Cats & Dogs

– The Split Panel Dresser and The Floatin’ Shelf bookshelf will no longer allow you to place objects floating behind them.
– This does not impact the move objects cheat, but in the case of these two objects they had slots for object placement incorrectly floating in space behind them.
– We addressed an issue that could cause an Error Code 131 result upon loading a home where a pet had run away. You should no longer see Error Code 131.

Jungle Adventure

– Authenticated artifacts will now maintain their authenticated appearance after being placed from My Library.

Romantic Garden

– The Don’t Look at Me Monkey Bars has quality score information.
– Fun is 7, Motor Skill is plus, and Children are only.

Vintage Glamour

– The 16th Century Monte Vista Globe Bar now ALSO has quality score information!
– Drink quality is 4, and Mixology Skill is plus.

Laundry Day

– DIY Sink and Bai l’Est Galvanized Sink now have hygiene and reliability ratings!
They are 5 and 5, and 5 and 5.
– Adding clean clothes to a pile of dirty clothes will no longer prevent the Sims from washing the clothing.
And adding dirty clothes to a pile of clean clothes will no longer prevent the Sims from washing the
Dirty + dirty = dirty. Dirty + clean = dirty. Clean + clean = clean.
However dirty + clean + clean + dirty * clean + dirty, is still dirty.
But, 1 + 1 + 1 + 1 * 0 + 1 = 4
– Children will no longer stretch when performing the Sniff Fresh Clothing interaction.
– Also, children are no longer allowed to perform the Sniff Fresh Clothing interaction…
…because they were stretching.

My First Pet

– The Feed Treat interaction now has a chance of failure.
Anyone see the Wreck-It Ralph 2 trailer?
Just curious… no reason.
– My First Pet Stuff Postcards now have a cost between 30 and 60 Simoleons.
– We addressed an issue with Living Like We’re Young in the Pop Station that was preventing the audio from
It now plays.

And in conclusion, sleep well woohoo partners, fear not the repercussions of your weary repose.

Thank you for your time, attention, and ability to traverse chaos,


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Vote for name new stuff pack

Welcome Simmers! Development on our community Stuff Pack is well under way, and it’s high time we gave it an official name. If you’re just now discovering this project, this is the fifth vote that’s taken place to guide the development of this pack, and I invite you to learn more about the previous vote outcomes. We just recently entered full production, which means we’re hard at work creating a number of features to add laundry to the game… more on that in a bit.

Voting ends on September 8th, 2017 at 10AM PDT / September 9th, 2017 at 3am AEST.

Read the full article
Vote for the name

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Something wicked this way comes

Let’s see if I can make this all work again.
In the coming weeks I am going to change some things on the website, clear out links that aren’t working anymore, new layout perhaps and a new name.

So keep on checking back and if something isn’t working keep in mind that I might not have fixed it yet 😉


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What’s better than Purple and Blue? Purple with blue!

In this new set created by Mogway, it’s Purblu all the way!
Click on the picture to go to the download page (You need a account to download, and perhaps some expansion / stuff packs)

Want to see more stuff i created? Mogway’s Studio

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S3 free store items Tis The Season For Gift Giving!

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Happy Halloween!!

Today it’s Halloween and of course your sims will and can celebrate this too with some awesome items.

Lady Ravendancer Goth’s Book o’ Spells

Gothique Library

Witchin’ Spring Ride

Halloween Treats (Free)

More Halloween Treats (Free)

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