About DMS2C

“Bringing you some weird shit since May 14th of 2006.”
Yeah kinda stole that line from Star Lord, and made it a little bit of my own, but it’s true.
There was an idea, to bring together… ok let’s not go all avengers now 😛

But yeah in 2006 hell maybe even 2005 me and my ex started our 1st website: hosting sims from people that were involved in the website of Simparool a newspaper / forum ish based website.
After that me, my ex and 2 friends created a new website called The Hub, not sure if it was successful or not but we had fun doing it at the time.
But alas friendships and goals change and we left The Hub.
So around May 14 DekDes and Mogway started DMS2C, DekDes & Mogway Sims 2 Creators.
And it was a small success if I may say so myself.
We were lucky to get the attention of the Dutch EA back when it still existed and we were invited to several Sims 2 – Sims 3 previews and events.
During those events I’ve met some crazy awesim people! Like Rosana from SNW, Cheetah from The Sims Zone and Wouter from Simparool, and many others that I’m forgetting right now, for which I’m sorry!

So in 2010 the unthinkable might have happened I’m not sure but DekDes and me ended our relationship. I wanted something different with my life and things weren’t going the way it should in a relationship. Since I was always more the Sims fan than he and I always paid for the website and hosting and stuff I decided to keep it as mine. But with change of life comes also the change of interest. My interest for the Sims slowly faded and I am sorry to say this but I even stopped being a good friend towards the many great people I’ve met through the sims.
In 2017 Rosana reached out cause she was getting married with Cheetah! And we renewed the old friendship and I am very happy because of that! I also renewed many friendships I had with people in the sims community and luckily they forgave me for my misbehavior 😛
Slowly the urge of playing the sims came back and I’ve been playing it on and off again.

2018- ?
So now it’s 22nd of April and I’m still playing the Sims 4 on and off and enjoying it again. I know that DMS2C will never be what it was before but that’s ok, times have changed and so have I, I no longer need to be the best and the 1st when it comes to bringing news. I am just happy to do it in my time.
I am still working on getting the website a bit more mine and with that comes a new name, a name Cheetah thought of and I loved:
Dutch Mogs Sims to Create
Very clever of him XD!
I still need to find out how to work out custom content with Sims 4 lol so I’ll be stalking Rosana and her video’s a lot for help.

About Mogway
So Mogway was born in 1980, yeah I’m old so what, and she’s been in a league of her own ever since. Mostly not going into the same direction as everyone else. Always her own humor, interests and so on. She is really passionate about a few things, her cats, they are her kids and some movies / tv shows. Especially Marvel she loves the MCU but James Gunn and Guarduans of the Galaxy the most! So big chance you sometimes find DMS2C respond to Marvel stuff too XD.
If you want to contact Mogway personally you can tweet to her @mogway or at @dms2c 🙂

Sul Sul!

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