Website update part #ilostcount

So if you’ve been on the website before today than you’ve noticed some changes.
Don’t worry all the old stuff is still here.
I decided to start a fresh new site, but it would be a shame to delete all the work that i did on it all these years.
So I’ve simplified the categories to Retired Sims News – all the news from all the games that were launched before sims 4 can be found here, and retired website news all the news stuff before today I guess lol, i’m afraid that some of the articles might miss the images, some were linked to websites that are no longer online, and since it’s all old news it’s probably not that important 😉
Since I have a sorta full time job I will not be able to compete with news like the most news sites that are out there, but I will try to do my best with keeping you all updated and if I start creating again I will of course let you all know.
The forum has been closed and has never been recovered from all the dust that it gathered over the years of not being used.
Perhaps one day a new sort of forum will open, who knows, old is new and hot these days..XD


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