Sims 3 Pets Preview

DMS2C was lucky to be invited to the Sims 3 Pets preview last Tuesday.
In a secret place in Utrecht the demo took place.

We started with a demo from the console 1st.
It was a short demo, we got to see some of the new karma system that is in the game and how easy it was to bring back pets to life.

Then we moved on to the demo of the pc game.
For the 1st time in sims history your sims can own horses, lot’s of girls and women will enjoy that, and they look amazing too.

There’s a new neighborhood with the sims 3 Pets called Appaloosa plains, and there will be new community lots as well like a cat jungle, dog training ground and if you buy special edition you’ll even get a pet shop with new animals.
There’s a new place too Woohoo, just find a big haystack and have fun 😉

Your sims and pets learn things at the same time, so if your sims is learning how to ride a horse and if the horse is inexperienced they’ll both learn at the same time. It’s funny to see how a sim rides a horse for the 1st time.
Like in the other sims games that involved pets, pets can have jobs here too, and there are lot’s of different traits to choose from, of course some are special to that species of animal.
Your sims also have new traits to pick from how about being allergic to fur and make them an animal lover, there are a lot of new stories to tell with them.
Also if you haven’t got the generations expansion your sims will have memories with this expansion.
It wasn’t sure if there were new ways to die for your sim, but knowing the sims team there will probably be a new way, so that’s something for us to find out.
No new cheats were found at this point either, but the game wasn’t a gold version yet so who knows what will get in before the final release.

If you have the sims 3 World Adventures your pets will be able to go on holiday with your sim, they don’t have any special options while being on holiday but are able to still gain skills.
There is a special animal in the game: The Unicorn, you have to unlock it, but it will be worth it when you do.
We also saw some animals running around in the game, we didn’t interact with them so who knows what more creatures you can have as your pet.

In the create a sim / pet you can create a horse, cat or dog and they have different breeds to choose from, but that’s not it, you can also make up a whole new breed if you wanted to, create your pet from scratch or use a pre-made breed and play with that.

In the building / buy section sims players will be happy to know that the collections have returned making it easier to find certain matchable stuff.

On the 22nd of September there will be a Town hall meeting and there will be a release of a Create a Pet demo too before the game ships.

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  1. Angelica says:

    Heyyy kei leuke review :D!

    Gelukkig heeft nog iemand gehoord dat je met je huisdieren op vakantie kunt. Graham zegt namelijk van niet! Beetje verwarrend he? wij hehben het te horen gekregen via Nicole Jenkins.. Dus

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