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EA held a dutch Medieval event yesterday, and DMS2C was lucky to be present.
It was a bit busier then we expected at first, but it was nice to see that many people have an interest for this new game.
Unfortunately we weren’t allowed to take pictures, so nothing new to see. (The screens i’ve used are from the original website to make it a bit more fun to read ๐Ÿ˜‰ )

The Sims Medieval takes you back to well the title gives it away the middle ages.
Every thing is set in this age, so if you like computers and mobiles this is not the place for you to be.
The game is somewhat different then that we’re used to from Sims games, it’s more focused on doing Quests then on actually family building.
Your sims don’t age, but they can die in various ways.
There’s still an option to woohoo and have children, but it’s said that they will stay teens.
If you’re familiar with the Sims 3 then you’ll recognize the technology behind the game, the CAS works the same, but there are less options.
You can only choose 1 clothing set, no luxury like choosing bathing suits or nightgowns, well simply because they didn’t have those things back then.
Also the traits are different, you can choose 2 positive and 1 negative trait for your new King or Queen.
But before you can create your new King or Queen you must create a new Kingdom, which you can give any name you like.
You can create more then 1 Kingdom, so you can play different styles, good vs evil.
Because the game is more focused on doing quests your sim has less needs, way less, only hunger and energy are there.
I’ve also seen moodlets which can be positive or negative.

When you start your kingdom is still small and your poor king or queen will have to do everything, but as your kingdom grows you’ll get more people who will work for you.
But always keep an eye on the normal people because they can either like or dislike the kingdom.
There are 10 new professions and to each profession there are 10 levels.
With other sims games your sims will disappear when doing a job, with the sims Medieval you can see them work!
Also during work time you can still control your sim in how to do their jobs or what to make, depending on their profession and level.

What would be a kingdom without a little bit of death? Right very boring! Sims don’t die from old age, but that’s boring so we’ve got several new ways to kill a sim, or bring them to justice if you like ๐Ÿ˜›
There is a new object called the Pit and in it is a creature, vicious and brutal, we didn’t actually see the creature might be better too.
The outcome of sending a sim to the Pit isn’t set, so the sim can either die, or it can become friends with the creature and live, that all depends on the sim whether he’s good or evil or the creatures mood of course ๐Ÿ˜‰
Other then the pit you can kill the ruler by poisoned potions, spells and more of course, but what’s the fun in knowing it all.

The landscaping looks like an amazing picture, the makers created the landscape and the sims like they just walked out of a really old Medieval painting.
This was done on purpose to give the game a different feeling then the normal sims games.
Although the game is based on doing quests to advance, you don’t need to do them if you don’t like, you can play the game how you want, of course you must do a couple of quests when the game starts, otherwise you can’t build your kingdom.
When you start it will be just your king or queen and when you progress through the quests you’ll get more sims to take care of or kill or course.
There are 2 ways of playing the game, you can either be good or evil.
Unfortunately for the builders this won’t be your game, you can’t build anything new, there was no option in the menu to build your own castle.
The camera doesn’t rotate 360 degrees either.

This will be the base game, so expect more features in the future! It isn’t sure if there will be a store for the Medieval games.
Conclusion: The Sims Medieval is a great new way to play the sims game, it really has a purpose and the Medieval setting is really amazing, if you’re into that time period then this game will be epic. It’s less management of the needs and more focus on really playing the game.
I do hope that in the future or maybe the gold version we’ll be able to create our own castles and other buildings, but we’ll have to wait and see how that will develop.
I for one can’t wait to play the game when it comes out, good thing the wait is almost over!
Visit the official site for more information and the release date for your country:

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