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Nederlandse Versie

Update: Movie: wohoo in a tent
Previous updates: Meditation sim fu style video, Egypt video, snakes video, making nectar video, new painting


To go on your vacation simply use your phone or use the computer, you’ll need a visa to visit a country, at the beginning you can only go on a vacation for 3 days, but by having adventures in that country you can expand your visa, and when you’ve got enough lifetime rewards you can buy a special reward to stay even longer!
You’ll leave for your chosen destination right away.
When you arrive you’ll be taken to a special base camp, instead of hotels you’ll stay in these camps to for fill your needs.
Once your visa level reaches level 3 you’ll be able to buy a vacation home and stay there instead of the camp.

To go on a adventure simply click on the adventure board outside your base camp, you’ll receive a chance card which you can either accept or refuse.
In all the tombs you need to puzzle to get through it, of course are the puzzles easier when you start then when you get a higher visa level.
When your vacation is over your sim will go home no matter what your sim is doing at that point.
If you are still on an adventure when your sim leaves you don’t have to worry because it will still be there when you return in 2 days.
Yes you must wait 2 days before you can get back on a vacation 🙁
In the time you’re at home you can still call all the friends you’ve made on your vacation, it’s the perfect way to keep in touch with your vacation love 😉

There are new books, but you can only buy them at the local bookstore.
There are so many new things you can buy at the local shops and i’m not even talking about the special trader who will sell stuff to you depending on how high your visa level is and the amount of special coins which you can find.

Also new lifetime rewards are in the game, what about never to have to pay another bill EVER! Or be a Jetsetter so you can go on a vacation cheaper then other sims, of course there are more but you’ll to find them out on your own 😛

There are new traits and lifetime wishes, also there are 6 new favorite foods to choose from and 3 new kinds of music .
When you play the game you still get chance options but also for the new skills your sim learns on vacation, these chance happen in your neighborhood or on vacation.

Buy mode / Build mode

In the buy and build mode it’s easy to see which item belong to WA, there is a small icon on it with the icon of WA, even building basements is easy, even i can do it LOL.
There are some new objects that are inspired by the 3 worlds, but some objects are not buyable from the buy mode, you’ll have to buy them from a local store.
Some fences and stairs are now recolorable with the create-a-style tool, also there are new kinds of roofs in the game and colors.

Create A Sim

There are some new clothes in the game which are clearly inspired by the one of the 3 worlds, there aren’t many new normal hair dues only 2, but the “special” hair dues is where to look for this game, lot’s of new hats and other stuff. Unfortunately the man section has been forgotten only “special” hair dues.

Bon Voyage

Each country has it’s own culture with that comes new recipes which your sim can learn, by buying new cooking books from the local bookstore.
Every country has their own song which you can learn from the locals and don’t forget to bring home some incense 😉
There are new skills to learn in all the countries you can learn them either by books or by objects.


Land of the love and you’ll notice that.
But of course there are also secret doors, tombs and more.
In France you’re able to buy a scooter in one of the stores. (Scooter also available in a store in Egypt)

Nectar is the biggest love of Franse, nectar also known as wine 😉
Your sim can make it’s own nectar, that you can drink or sell.

Sometimes strange things happen at peoples home, you can find out by accepting some adventures of the locals, or when your on a vacation your phone can ring and bring you some adventure too.

France is a great country where you’ll have hours of fun with the nectar and the gorgeous environment.


Egypt is like you would expect it, lots of sand and desert like environments with famous pyramids

Egypt doesn’t really have a skill of it’s own, but you can really upgrade your photographers skill with all the beauty that surrounds you.
You can even buy a basket with a snake in it which you can control and when you’re good at it you can even get tips and if you’re bad the snake will bite you 😉


It’s like you’re really in China with the music and the environment.
Your sim can learn Sim Fu.
You can even participate in an official Sim Fu tournament, by challenging the locals.
You can learn Sim Fu on a trainings doll and a board breaker, it’s looks cool either way.
With every new skill point your sim gets a new belt!
Of course there are also temples you can discover, but a thing that was impressive for me was the Terracotta army.

And let’s not forget the Fortune Cookies 😀 You can buy them in China or buy your own Fortune Cookies maker.
China is really my personal favorite, because of the Sim Fu but also the environment 😛 Dragons and fire are always cool!

Of course there is so much more to explore, but it’s probably more fun if you do that on your own, because where is the adventure of knowing everything 😉


The Sims 3 World Adventurs is really a fun expansion especially if you like puzzles or if you love one the 3 lands.
My sims will travel a lot to China and Egypt 😛
Are there any disadvantages? Yes, the loading to and from a vacation take a long while, and the hair due for the man but that’s nothing new 😛

To finish this review i would like to show you guys a movie of a sim of mine in China, as promised my sim will now be fighting a much tougher opponent, don’t try this at home 😛 (unless you’re a martial arts expert of course )

Meditation Sim Fu Style

Egyptian music



Wohoo in a tent!

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