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Pictures of the new neighborhood Riverview! and you can check out all the other stuff from the new Sims 3 store 😉
The new Sims 3 website! Back online again!
New sims 3 Video

We’re back again from the event, unfortunately i can’t show you any new pictures but i can tell you a little about how the game was 😉
The game looked amazing and i think most of us will spend a lot of time in CAS.

We got to play the game, but it was really too short to find everything out, so when the game comes out we still have a lot to discover for our own.
Okay a few things that a worth mentioning:

In our preview in November we already pointed out that you can drag and click you walls with everything still on it, today i noticed that all the furniture that is against that wall will move too.

When the game is released you can download a 2nd Neighborhood Riverview.

In your neighborhood are empty lots of different sizes, the neighborhood is more like the Sims 1 neighborhood, the empty lots are already there, also there are some premade sims and houses for you in the depot.
When you buy a house you’ll get 2 options, you can buy an empty house or the same house with some furniture in it, with the 2nd option the house will cost more, and your sims starts with $16,000

Now something that makes most sims players very happy! You can make up to 4 neighborhoods, meaning you can play with 4 different families without having to worry about the fact that they will do stuff you don’t like. So you can play with a legacy family without having to worry about another family!
Also there are different options, you decide how long your sim will be alive, a sim has a standard life of 90 days, but you can also set it to 25 days or even on 960 days! Of course there are more options with the length of the days but you’ll have to figure that out on your own 😛
You can also decide in the options if townies and npc’s will go on with their lives, like getting married, grow up ect., or stand still like they do in the Sims 2.

When you play the game, you really notice the difference of the traits your sims have, for example in the sims 2 your sim could be fun from everything, now if your sim is a computer nerd they’re fun won’t rise much if they’re not playing games on the computer.
Because of these different traits you can have different options on objects and sims, for example if your sim likes to save every penny they can search for discount coupons of different stores on the computer, or if you sim is not so friendly the can post a flame post on a forum. Every trait gives new options so there are more options to explore.

Getting a job is easy too, you just go the building and you’re done (newspaper and pc still work too 😉 ) most buildings have an option to attend lessons to improve your skills. You can do your job in different ways, just do your job, help your boss or just do nothing, of course there are more options.
You also have to do the groceries and the more ingredients you have the more different meals you can prepare.
There is also a gardening skill, and you don’t need a special place to plant seeds no you just put them into the ground, what happens next with the plants is a mystery for me too.

During the game you’ll get mini missions, and it’s up to you to decide if you want to do them or not, those missions either come from your job or your lifetimewish.

Building relationships is a bit different, i’m really used to the sims 2 so it might take some time to get to know the new menu, it’s a bit more harder to build up a relationship, but i had a sim try for a baby and she was pregnant the 1st time.
I didn’t see any fireworks, but rose leaves on the bed.
When the time came to reveille her pregnancy she just turned around just like they do in the Sims 2 game, she did get 4 days off, don’t know if those days have anything to do with the lifespan of your sim, but i’m sure we’ll find out when the game is out, she didn’t look any fatter though, but she did wear different clothes.

Something different from the Sims 2 is the bookcase, normally all the books your sim needs will be in there, but now you’ll need to go to the bookstore and buy more books, you can buy books for skills and different level of skills or just novels.

I’ve also played with a very young Mrs Crumplebottom because a ghost was there, and it’s true, you can communicate with a ghost.
Another funny thing is the graveyard, on it there’s a mausoleum and my sim went in, when she got out she didn’t want to tell what happened in there but she was afraid of the dark since.

Some object from expansions from the Sims 2 are in the game, like the drawing table for toddlers from FT and the playhouse from AL.
You can take toddlers to a park, but when your sim leaves without the toddler you’ll get a popup which asks if you want to hire a nanny or go back yourself.

Everyone there made something for the community and the houses and sims will be online when the website comes online, so look out for Isilya DeKMoG on the website cause we made her 😉
That’s about everything i can remember at this time, if you have any questions you can asks them and we maybe we can answer it.

EA released some sort of game, today it’s called SimSocial and it plays a bit like the Sims 3 😉

We would like to thank EA for the opportunity to play the game for the release date!

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