MySims Party begins in March!

It Wouldn’t Be A Party Without the MySims!
The Ultimate Party Game Is Coming in March 2009 Plus The Official Website Goes Live and More!
Look out for the party to begin March 2009! Additionally, the official website is now live so check it out at

And that’s not all…we have a few wallpapers and screenshots to help get you through the wait.

Your little town is hosting a big party, and everyone’s invited! This isn’t your typical, stand-around-and-make-idle-chit-chat kind of get-together, either. Your gracious hosts of the community-wide festival have set up a plethora of fun games for the townsfolk to compete in, ranging from sushi-eating contests to giant robot chases!

So choose your team and complete for the grand prize: new Monuments to help your town grow to greater and more resplendent heights!

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