The sims life stories review part 2

After playing only 1 hour yesterday i kinda got a feeling about the game.
After i wrote my review here i started to play again, because i really wanted to play the game just for fun.
There are several things i’ve noticed.
As you can read in the previous part you can cheat and date, this still is true but you can only do that in the free play mode and not during the storyline.
Also the building menu is disabled in the storyline, all these things are disabled so you can’t mess up that storyline.
After you’ve finished a storyline (i completed Riley’s story already) you can still play with that family but still can’t build or cheat.
The free play game is the same as the standard play of the sims 2, but you now play in the neighbourhood Four Corners.
So every place you visit with Riley is in there.
Also one thing i like about the sims life stories is that your sims gain skills points at community levels!
This counts for free play and the story mode.
So why is this game especially designed for laptops?
In the option menu you have a battery indicator that you can turn on / off, best is to turn it on when you play on a laptop.
The battery indicator shows up in your screen when you’re playing on the battery.
One thing i always forget is to switch the adaptor on before my battery goes empty, i get caught up in the game and then poof a black screen.
Don’t you just hate that when it happens?
Well that’s something from the past with the sims life stories!
As you can see on the picture above the game knows when your battery is low and warns you about it!!
In the upper left corner you can see the battery indicator.
So when you get this message you can save your game and make sure your laptop is connected to the adaptor 😀
When you’ve connected your laptop on the adaptor the indicator disappears, until you start playing on the battery again.

About the custom content, although EA says it isn’t possible, you can still add custom content to your game.
As long as the objects are from the original The Sims 2 game and in the sims life stories you can add custom content to the game.
However this game was created as a light version of the Sims 2 game, so that it would run better on laptops,
if you decide to put a lot of custom content into your game the game will become slower.
If you registered your game at the official site, you can download a welcome kit into your game.
The welcome kit contains the Drum Kit, the VocoPhonic Karaoke Machine and the Club Cube.
Well that’s about it! Have fun playing this great new product of EA!

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