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Nederlandse versie

On Friday, january 30, several sims fansites and a few reporters went to Jaarbeurs in utrecht, where we were to attend a preview of Mysims Party and Mysims Racing. Executive Producers Tim Letourneau and Troy San Jose were present to show us both games.

Mysims Party

Firs we were going to see Mysims Party.
New in this game is the multiplayer option, and the fact that every player can create a team of mysims to play the games with.

Four volunteers were picked to test the game on Nintendo WII. There would be a prize to win, Tim and Troy promised to the cooperative webmasters.

There are several options in the main menu: among others there is dream festival and minigames.


Tim and Troy are showing us a few minigames. They are all meant to be played by 1, 2, 3 or 4 players. So it’s up to you how many players will be participating in a minigame. There are 50 minigames, so not a dull moment in this part of the game!
Each player has their own team of mysims. The sims all have 4 abilities: Power, speed, endurance and luck. For each of the abilities the sims have 1 to a maximum of 5 points. So for example one mysim can be very fast, another may be very luck. Your job is to pick the sim that gives you the biggest chance to win for each individual minigame. So you should pick a fast mysim for challenges that require a lot of speed!

Robot Assault
This is the first example of a minigame Tim and Troy are showing us. In this game the players have to run away from an evil robot created by Dr. F. You can sabotage other players by blocking their way or jumping on their head to get away faster yourself.
For this game you need mainly speed. From their team of sims each player chooses a sim with whom they want to play that particular game. So it makes sens to choose a fast mysim for a game that needs speed!

Another example of a minigame shown to us and tested by our four jolly webmasters. You’re supposed to sway the WII remote rhythmically and press the button whenever the game asks you to. Based on the way you move, your mysim performs a little dance. There are 2 different songs you can dance on.

Shove blocks
In this minigame you push blocks towards holes in the floor and drop them into those holes. It’s some kind of puzzle in which you’re supposed to fill as many holes as possible within the time limit.

Dream Festival Mode
Although there is a bunch of minigames, the real thing about this game is festival Mode. You actually unlock minigames by playing Festival Mode!
There are 12 festivals, each with their own games.

Your Mysim is in his/her own house when Festival Mode starts. From here you can modify your mysim’s appearance. You can also adjust thecity and the exterior of your house. To enhance all this you will unlock parts in the course of the game.

Alright, your mysims look the way you want them to and you put your team together, so you’re ready to go to your first festival! To do this you need to go to the middle of the town, where a mysim with some kind of cat’s ears will lead you to the festivals.
There are several festivals to choose from, and you can unlock more festivals later.
In this preview the Festival was shown to us.

At the beginning of the festival you can put together your team of mysims. Your game starts with only 2 team members to play with, later you will have access to 3 and a while later than that, to even 4.So you can modify your mysims, and give them points for the 4 abilities power, speed, endurance and luck.

Pizza game
In this first game of the Opening Festival you have to add the right ingredients to a pizza to win points. You need luck to have a bigger chance of putting your ingredients on the pizza instead of dropping them next to it. So a mysim with many points for luck has a bigger chance to win this one!

After the pizza game, we see how the mysims that were part of it, have a point for luck deducted each. This happens because luck is the ability these mysims used in the pizzagame, therefor they all used up 1 point of luck.

Paper game
In this second game of the Opening Festival you have to pick up and collect the papers that fall out of a bag as quickly as you can. You need speed to do this fast enough. So better choose a fast mysim!

Of course playing this game will deduct 1 speed point from all mysims that were part of it. By the way, you can upload your games’ scores. Great to make friends jealous!

Surprise Event
Every so often, a surprise event takes place. Each player may pick a card and turn it around. There are valuable items to win here, such as a point for speed, or a wildcard, which means you can determine how and when to spend it.

Bell Hopscotch
In this last game of the Opening Festival it’s important to carry guests’ luggage to the desk as quickly as possible. Speed and endurance are important (suitcases, after all, are heavy) Mysims with less endurance will get tired more quickly, which slows them down.

The festival is over and we have a winner! In this case we congtratulate player 3, who wins a nice surprise Tim and troy brought to Utrecvht for this occasion: It’s a miniature mysim doll! On screen we are shown a short ceremony and then the Opening Festival is really over.

Mysims Racing

Mysims Racing is in full development at the moment, which is why we are not allowed to record any of it on film or photo yet. Troy is showing us what this game is about.

As well as Mysims Party, Mysims Racing is a multiplayer game. In the menu we can see several options:

Create a Sim
This is where you can create your own racing sim.

Performance Upgrades
Hier you can upgrate your racing performance. It’s comparable to upgrading your status points in Mysims party.

Styling upgrade
No further introduction needed: Pimp your race car!

Paint Shop
This is where you paint your racing car.

There are 3 different sizes of cars, each size with its own set of advantages and disadvantages.

It is in fact possibkle to save your very own car with sim in it to your WII remote and take it with you to your friends. You just connect your WII remote when you’re there and then you can show and use your own car with sim.

In this game’s city there are several buildings. In the beginning of this game the city looks kind of boring and its buildings are small and primitive. But if you – for example- do an assignment for Gino, that means Gino’s building gets to grow. This is how you can let the city blossom by doing assignments for the different characters.
There is a friendship book, it shows which assignment you did for who, and also who challenged you.

Just like the city the race tracks look primitive. But the more you play the game and accomplish things, the better your race tracks start looking.

You can make racing as difficult as you feel like: There are easy racing tracks, but also hard ones with lots of curves. While racing you can pick up several extra’s which are spread all over the racing tracks. If you perform advanced moves, you get a boost.

You can play the racing tracks of the different mysims characters and unlock parts that belong to that particular character. Sometimes you can even unlock the racing car of that character!

Mysims Racing supports several WII addons, like the remote, the wheel, numbchuck..

After Troy showed us a few races, it was time to leave. Tim and Troy flew to London that same day and took a plane back to San Francisco the next morning. It was great to have met Tim again, and to have met Troy for the first time. Mysims Racing is a game that combines the toughness of racing with the cuteness of the mysims, a very special combination. Mysims Party seems to be nice to play on your own, but great to play in a group! You can spend many great nights like this, I think!

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