The sims life stories review

Finally I had the change to continue downloading and playing the game. Here is what I think of this game.
When you start the game you have a couple of options, you can learn how to play the game (useless if you already know the sims 2 games), you’ve got 2 story modes and an option free play (which is the standard play of the sims)
I selected the story line of Riley first, and you get a message if you want to learn how to play the game in a couple steps.
Although the game tells you that you can rotate, zoom in and out with your keyboard (the letters w a s d), you can still use your mouse the way you’re used to in the sims 2 games.
Especially when you play the sims 2 game windowed controlling your sims in the sims life stories won’t be a problem.
After you’ve visited the park with Riley you go home, and there you’ll get some more information about controlling your sims.
During the 1st day you’ll get some helpful tips,
the sims life stories has a lot of shortcuts as shown in the picture below (press on the esc key to get into this menu)
Shortcuts menu
Also the graphics, screen resolution and other stuff still depend on the quality of your video card.
The game start in a 800 x 600 resolution, you can turn it higher if your video card allows it.
Just go to the options menu then graphics / performance and then chose windowed mode on / off.
Also all other options like shadows, details, reflection depend on your video card.
Because my laptop was actually build to play the sims 2, i’m not having trouble with the sims 2 or with the sims life stories.
Well when you start to play the story mode you’ll be told what you should do to get further in the game,
at one point neighbours come over to visit you, like they always do, but now it’s much more fun then in the sims 2, why?
You get presents!!!
As you can see on the picture above the game is fairly simple because sims don’t have fears! In the story mode they have a goal and 3 wants, but in free play they just have 4 wants.
The presents that you get are things you unlock during the game, once you’ve got a present you can buy it with your money in the story mode or in free play.

Game specifics

Although this is the 1st game you notice stuff from expansion packs from the sims 2 games.
You have influence and you can even date with other sims if your relationship is high enough!
And it just looks like a date in Nightlife
However you can play, flirt or do other stuff when you’re eating a meal, so specific things are added to this game.
You can also buy your sim a cellphone but you can do that directly from the buy menu.
Also you can go to places, so there is a town. (haven’t done that part yet, but i’ll leave you guys something to explore as well)
Well you all love aliens right? Then i’ve got good news for you!
Your sim can be abducted by aliens, how nice is that 😀
Also the famous cheat boolprop testingcheatsenabled true / false works in this game, use at own risk of course. (you can only cheat in the free play area, and not during a storyline)
If your video card can handle it there will be in game movies just like the sims 2, i’ve only seen the woohoo and baby born movie but those are the same
Of course what would a sim be without a lifetime want! Yes that’s in the game as well
But even better there are 2 new careers in this game!
Your sim can be choose a career in the game development or the entertainment of course both with their own career rewards.
Although the game looks and feels similar to the sims 2 games there’s one big difference between them! Except for the story mode of course, but you can’t really make your own stories with this game. You can’t take pictures the normal way,
the photo album is now the family journal, in that journal all your accomplished goals are shown there,
so the only way to take a picture is to print screen it.
If you press tab, you’ll be tabbed through the game menu.
Also you can’t upload or download anything from the sims 2 website into your own game, so there is no custom content accept for the stuff you can download from the official sims story site .


Is this game worth it? OH YEAH!
Especially if you liked the console versions (ps2, xbox) with the story mode!
The free play is just like the normal sims 2 game.
Also i haven’t met any NPC or regular townie from the sims 2 games, so that’s a plus 2, you don’t know them at all!
I can’t wait until The sims Pets stories and Castaway stories are released 😀
Well i’m off to play some more, i hope this review has helped you getting some more info about the game.
If you have any questions don’t be afraid to ask them on our forum!

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