MySims Kingdom Wii (and DS), My Sims PC preview

Yesterday (08-09-2008) DMS2c was invited to a producer tour of MySims Kingdom, MySims pc and MySims Kingdom for DS.
First Tim LeTourneau told us about MySims Kingdom

MySims Kingdom WII
If you’re thinking great another expansion, well then i’ve to disappoint you, because MySims Kingdom is a standalone game and it’s not like the 1st MySims game!
MySims Kingdom is a puzzle adventure game and is not really focused on building like the 1st game.
The game has some mini puzzles you need to solve to get further in the game.
Of course there are some sims you know from the original MySims game, like Buddy, Elmira, Violet and more, but there are also new sims like King Roland, Princess Butter and Gonk.
Also your sim is able to jump now and you’ll have to use it as well.

In MySims Kingdom you can choose to play a boy or a girl, that’s new

There are new outfits, new hairs and when you play the game you’ll unlock more clothing, but also furniture, walls and other stuff.

When you start the game a story will come up and tell you stuff about the game and your role in it.
It’s like opening a fairytale book and you become part of that fairytale.

You are a wandolier, and it’s your job to help King Roland and other people.

After the cut-scene you’ll begin in front of a house, where you’ll be given your 1st task.
The game is all about tasks and solving puzzles and of course saving the kingdom.
When you’re done your friend Buddy will give you another task.
During these tasks you’ll learn how to play the game and how to jump and stuff like that.
All these things come automatically and sometimes even with a cut-scene.

After that you’ll meet up with Lyndsay, she and Buddy will stay with you through the whole game.
And they will help you with advice and also bring a nice funny element to the game

Then it’s time to meet King Roland himself, and new sims of course.
King Roland turns out to be a funny guy as well.
After everyone is set you’ll be taken to a magical island where you’ll learn how to handle your wand.
When you play the game you’ll notice that you almost have no loading time between changing to the building mode or anything.
And mostly you’ll get a really funny cut-scene as well.

The Travelogue contains a lot of useful information, like the tasks you’re working on and more.
The currency they use is called Mana and you can collect Mana from shaking the trees.
But something has changed when you want to chop down the tree you really need to make chop movements!
You still need to collect essences and build things, but it all works to get further into the storyline.
You can also trade essences for Mana with Lyndsay.

These are the lands you can travel to and do tasks for sims.
There is a cutetopia, a spooky island and my personal favorite: an Island with Elves ๐Ÿ˜›

On every island there are new and old sims you can talk with and get tasks from.
And of course Buddy and Lyndsay will follow you.
When you select an Island, you’ll get a funny cut-scene with the 3 sims on a boat.

When a sim has an exclamation point above their head they will have a task for you.
A funny twist will be the story of our favorite goth sim Violet, but you’ll have to find that out on yourself.

If you want to place anything you’ll need your wand, and for solving puzzles you’ll need it as well.

With the right amount of essences you can even get more power with your wand.
You can find essences on trees, in walls and of course you can treasure hunt for essences.

You can unlock several things, and to build / place them you’ll need the Mana.

You can build things on top of each other, and sometimes you’ll need to build stairs or bridges.

There are also some new things you can do between sims, this makes the game more fun.

MySims Kingdom is really different from MySims because of the puzzle element, it’s also funnier and the controls are still the same.
I doubted the original game of MySims but having played that game at home it changed my opinion completely, with MySims Kingdom i just know that if you liked the 1st MySims you’ll love this game as well.
Also because of the puzzle – adventure type gameplay it’s more fun to play, then just build stuff.

Then Erik Zwerling producer of MySims for the pc told us about this new game.

MySims PC

Well this looks familiar, and it is.
MySims for the pc is just like the WII version of it, but it has a little more then the WII version.

Ok a little recap, you’ll get into a town and sims have left, your the towns new builder and you need to build houses and furniture for the sims that want to live there.
Everyday new sims will arrive in the hotel and you decide which sims will live in your village.

In the pc version there are 5 new NPC’s, and 1 of them is Wendolyn, you might recognize her, because witches and warlocks in the Sims 2 apartment life can make a statue of her ๐Ÿ˜‰

Besides new NPC’s there are also some new things you can build.
But still the game is the same as the Wii version, except for 1 big thing!

With the pc version the trainstation has a purpose ๐Ÿ˜€
Through it you can go online and chat and play online with your friends! For Free!

You can see which friends are online, and which are not.
To play online you either need to invite people or you need to get invited.
A total of 8 sims can play online together in a place called the garden.

You’ll need to know the exact MySims name of your friend, because it’s not like an online chatbox, it’s a private garden.
When you invite your friends you can exchange things you’ve made, or essences, just chat, play tag or even redecorate the 8 houses.
Only 1 person at a time can change a house.

There are also other structures so you can even play hide and seek as well.
There are over 50 new animations to the game.

MySims for the PC is really great due to the fact you can play with your friends online and you can really share your creations with everyone.
You can give things you’ve made to your friends or put them on a website for everyone to download.
The game is also laptop friendly, and the building system works the same as the building on the WII.

Then Tim told us a bit about the DS version of MySims Kingdom
We didn’t have a lot of time left so the information will be short.
The plot line is you’ve come to a kingdom and everything is gone, you need to fiend out who did it and why.
Through 9 mini games and talking to people you’ll need to solve this mystery!

The games will come out at the end of October.
Of course i propably forgot stuff to mention lol, but it gives you an idea about the games, well except for the DS game, we spend most of our time on the new WII MySims kingdom game.

We would like to thank Tim and Erik for telling us about these new games, and also we would like to thank EA Netherlands for the great day!

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