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On Thursday the 7th of August DMS2C was invited by EA to witness a preview of the newest expansion Apartment Life (short AL).
It’s always very exciting to see a new expansion for the 1st time, so the icon of the new expansion looks like this.

Ok now to the interesting stuff ๐Ÿ˜›


There is a whole new Neighborhood called Belladona Cove.
When you take a tour through the neighborhood you will notice that it’s very large!
And it has lot’s of apartments and normal houses for your sims, but also new community lots like a library or parks.
And of course secret lots for the witches and warlocks.
Also a thing that will definitely draw your attention is a strange looking statue in this neighborhood.

This statue sure looks like Bella Goth!
You can place it in every neighborhood though since the statue can be found in the neighborhood decorations.
You will also notice that some parts of this neighborhood look better then other parts.

This also means that if you live near the design in the picture above the rents in the apartments there will be lower.
There are 10 new families in the family bin you can choose to play with and some houses have already a sim living in it.

The rents of the apartments are determined by the size and the appliances that are already in the apartment.
Every apartment comes with a kitchen and a bathroom, so you don’t need to buy that stuff.
When you hold your mouse over an apartment building you can see what the rent of a apartment in that building will cost.

Your sims can choose from a lot of different apartments to live in, a penthouse, a loft, a studio or even a mobile home and more.
Or you can let your own fantasy make something nice for your sims to live in.

There are 2 ways to preview an apartment, you can go into build mode and check the building out or you can have your sims check the lot out.

Living in an Apartment

When your sims enter an apartment building they will be greeted by the landlord of that apartment, this can be a man or a woman.
Your sims don’t have to choose right away if they want to live there.
They can look around the lot and when they find an apartment they like they can move in.
You claim an apartment the same way you claim a room in a hotel, you just click on the door and the apartment is yours.
Be careful with which apartment you choose because you’ll have to pay a full weeks rent right away when you choose your apartment.
There are ways to lower the rent of your apartment, if you have a good reputation or the right connections your rent can be lowered.
The rent will never go up, like on the normal lots, because it’s not based on the objects you place in it after you’ve bought it.

You’ll have to pay the rent yourself every week, you just pay them at the new mailbox.
A warning will come up when your rent is due, if you don’t pay your rent the landlord will have the repo man collect things from you to collect the rent.

New interactions

There are some new things for your sims to do.
A new playground for the kids is really fun for them.
But also new interactions between sims.
Toddlers can now hug each other.

Parents can swing their kids round and round, or tell a story.
There are also new gestures for your sims.

And your sims can now cuddle on the pavement.

Of course there are lots of more interactions especially when your sim becomes a witch (female sims) or a warlock (male sim)

Furniture and build options

There are of course new furnitures and building options.
There are also new bed covers.
And sim fans from the 1st original sims games will surely recognize this bed.

Ah yes the vibrating bed ๐Ÿ˜€ And it still vibrates after all those years, isn’t that amazing.
Also there’s the Murphy bed, the bed you can put back up in the wall if you don’t need it anymore.
Really comes in handy in those small apartments, but be careful when taking the bed down again, cause your sim might get under it and die.
Yes a new cause of death how sweet.
There are new closets and of course new couches, chairs, tv’s and a lot of new decoration items.

But the most awesome new feature, and NO i’m NOT talking about the ceilings or spirals stairs!, is something you can do with decoration items!
No longer they will hang on the same spot, no you can place them on every inch on the wall you like!
And not just paintings but also lights can be hanged a bit lower or higher if you want!

Ok the ceilings then, you can place every floor tile as a ceiling.
You can also toggle the ceilings on and off.
To see the ceiling you need to be in build mode.

When you click that button you can see the ceiling and you can start decoration it by placing any floor tile you want.
There are several new floors and walls for you to decorate your apartment with and of course the return of the spiral stairs!

There are also new roof types and new roof bricks.
But also a helicopter, you sims can own a helicopter! If you buy the special helicopter pad you can place 1 helicopter on it.
Be sure to have a lot of space since it is huge, so it will be difficult to have one on an apartment lot.
And there is a whole lot more then we saw of course.

Withes and Warlocks

The new feature create, making magic is back.
So what do you have to do to become a witch? Simple get a friend with magical skills.
This sounds easier then it is, because you need to a find that witch first!

You can find them on community lots, and the best place to search is a park.
But they’re not always there when you want them to be.
Unlike vampires you can walk into a witch all times of the day so that makes it a bit easier, but still it takes quites some time.
Well of course you can be lucky and walk into a witch on the 1st community lot you go to.
Then you need to become friends with the witch and if you’re lucky your sim can become a witch or warlock as well.

After this you get a cauldron and a spell book to practice magic.
There are 3 types of witches and warlocks, good, neutral and evil.
If your sim is extra evil their skin color can change to green.
A witch or warlocks can do a lot of things a normal sim can’t do….
They can teleport around a lot, cast spells, fly on a broom and they can cast a special for a cat!

And they can visit secret lots.
Your sim doesn’t have to wear the witchy outfit, they can also have normal clothes so they can live as normal sims.
They can also get pregnant, if your sim is a teen they can become a witch, and they can go to the university as well.
If your sim no longer wants to practice magic they can become normal as well.
You can also make a super freak sim if you have the other expansions installed, so vampire witches, zombie witches, well all the creatures you can become can be a witch.
Even servo’s can be witches or warlocks, but we couldn’t test that out since we only had sims 2 and AL installed.
Enough about the magical stuff.


Besides the witchy cat there is also a lap dog.
You can choose from 4 little dogs and you can keep it in your apartment, or on a normal lot.

But if you have pets installed you can also take “normal” pets into apartments.


Well there is nothing new for toddlers and kids ๐Ÿ™
But the best news is that there is a lot more for elder sims!
A whole range of new clothes and of course new hair types.

Of course that’s not all that’s new in body shop but if gives you a little impression ๐Ÿ˜€


Of course there is so much more to tell you guys about this great new expansion, and i might forgot to tell a couple of things (not on purpose of course, or maybe i did ๐Ÿ˜› )
But even after 2 hours of playing this game it’s still has some nice secrets even to me.
Personally i can’t wait until this game comes out so i can play it again!
We also would like to thank EA Netherlands for this great day!

The Sims 2 Apartment Life will be in stores on the 28th of August!
Official website: The Sims 2.com

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