Have you got some Free Time? (preview)

Dutch preview

Today was the Dutch fan event of The Sims 2: Free Time. (pictures will come soon)
All your sims can enjoy new different activities, both indoor and outdoor.
A key feature is the new hobby enthusiasm menu, here you can see which activities suits best with your sims.
Each sims has a talent for one of the new hobbies, you can see which one it is by the white bar in that menu.
If your sims is really enthusiastic about a hobby it means that they will earn points for it more quicly.
But if you sim doesn’t have enough skillpoints for it, still doesn’t work, sound or look good.
When your sim has a full enthusiasm meter they can enter “the zone”.
The zone means that none of the motives will decay, each zone is different for each hobby, with dance and music you’ll hear applaud and cheering.
You can see your sim has entered the zone by the white light surrounding them.
If you see a little card at the end of the hobby enthusiasm bar it means your sim has access to a secret lot.
Only sims who are good at there hobby can receive an invite.
There are 10 secret lot, 1 for each new category of hobby. (Cooking, Film & Literature, Games, Tinkering, Science, Art & Crafts, Sport, Nature, Fitness,
Music & Dance )
When 1 sim knows the location, all the other sims of the household can go to that secret lot, but only if the sim who’s invited goes there.
Children can also be invited to the secret lots, they’ll have to walk to it though ;)There’s a new meter: The lifetime aspiration meter, this meter will grow when special events happen, or lower when bad things happen.
All these things are aspiration based. You’ll get points and those you can spend on bonuses. Like the perks in OFB.
The new perks are dived in 4 categories: needs, work, aspiration based (so if you have a knowledge aspiration it will be based on that), and a second aspiration.
With these new perks you can get a second aspiration, get abducted sooner, or slow down motives decay and more.
With the second aspiration you’ll also get 3 other bonuses, the grilled cheese aspiration is now available to choose, and 3 perks for that is, that your sim won’t go fat, even though they eat a lot, they don’t need to go to the bathroom a lot, and they can make masterpieces about grilled cheese.
The perks to the other aspirations is something you’ll have to find out yourself.With all new objects you can choose what they’ll make (sowing machine, pottery ect.), the outcome depends on how good your sim is with that object.
With the sowing machine you can choose from 3 parts of fabric to combine into a clothing piece, you also get a badge if you get better in it.
You can sell your dress/ pottery in your store when you have OFB or give it as a gift.
You can also choose to make the winning designs from the H&M contest.For children and toddlers there’s a special table, on this table they can play with blocks or make drawings. The drawings can be hung on the walls.
There are 5 new carriers, all of these have there own special objects.
Also toddlers can build up skills for later use of a hobby.In the new neighborhood (Desderata Valley) are several new community lots, on these community lots contests are held.
With the cooking contest sims can prepare their meals at home and bring it to the contest or they can prepare it on the lot.
If your sim wins a cooking contest they’ll receive $500 and a nice award.
There are also dance contests and gaming contests.The genie in a bottle is the new creature, a gypsy will come by your house and give it to you.
The genie grants wishes the 1st time your sim wishes for money it will give you $10.000, but the amount will lower every time you use it.
It’s very similar like the genie in Living Large.
Also when you’re making a new sim, it will receive a package, in our case it was a pc.
On this pc was a copy of the Sims 3. You can buy all the other new games on a community lot.All the old objects from previous expansions (like the drums) can work as a hobby for your sims, all these objects will be divided in one of the 10 categories.
Your sim can also unlock lot’s of different things, which can help your sim in life or with their hobby. (meals for instance)
There are new radio stations, and your sim can even mix new numbers, there are also new movies for the tv and new channels.There are several new decorating objects, rugs and other objects, also new clothing and hair styles.
The train table is customizable, so you can put things on it you like.When your sim ages, friends can also age, you’ll get a screen with possible friends you want to age as well, it’s not known if this is also possible when kids age.Of course there is much more to the game then this, but this is some stuff in a nutshell, we didn’t even figured out everything there is to this game and it will take you some time before you uncover all the secrets to this expansion.You can find the official page here.We would like to thank EA and Bim Majekodunmi for giving us this great opportunity!Other previews


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