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So much to tell so little time. First of all i’m very sorry about not making any new content or posting news lately.
It’s really been a busy time and it will stay that way until the end of this year.
I’m following a new course for work and it’s taking a lot off my free time.
So that also means that the remaining Altador constellation clothes will have to wait for the new year.
Well enough unimportant things now things that matter:

The Sims 2 Free time
It appears that will be the new name of the new expansion for the sims 2 on the PC.
Source: Snootysims

The Sims 2 Castaway
Finally the producers walkthroughs are online and they’re really great.
Even the DS version looks better then ever.
You can watch the video’s here

The Sims 2 Teen style stuff
There are 4 new screen from this pack, that will come out in November.
For all the screenshots go to this page

Has been released some time ago but there was a chat recently, you can read the whole chat here
Also today the Dutch community launched a funpack about MySims, in it are several avatars, signatures and wallpapers for you to use!
The avatars can also be picked as your avatar on our forum!
To download the funpack click here

jackieava80×80.jpg cheerava80×80.jpgbeeava80×08.jpg

Bon Voyage Patch
And last but not least, EA has released a new patch for BV.
The patch solves the following things:

Note: Not all fixes will take effect on existing The Sims 2 Bon Voyage saved games. If you have an existing lot, Sim, object or neighborhood that does not seem to be improved by this patch, we recommend that you replace the affected object, or create either a new family, lot or neighborhood, depending on what is affected by the bug.

* Sims will no longer have the option to call vacation service NPCs after acquiring the business perk “Head for Numbers” which was causing a crash.
* Sims will no longer have the option to “Call Taxi” using their cell phones if they have driven to the community lot with an own-able vehicle which was causing a crash.
* If the Sim misses the shuttle, it will no longer return to a vacation lot without the Sim at the end of the vacation. Sometimes, this caused the vacation lot to become unusable.
* Game will no longer create new vacation NPCs each time a lot is visited which was causing many issues due to character file overload. Any existing extra NPCs will be unlinked and their character files greatly reduced in size.
* Periodic Events Controller will no longer loop twice per hour through each neighbor which was causing extreme lag on certain machines.
* Autonomous water-balloon and snowball fights have been tuned so the interaction will occur less frequently.

Weerwolf RPG
De 1e editie van het Weerwolf RPG was een groot succes! Hulde aan Sara (Nefje) en Isilya (Mogway) voor het overleven van deze 1e editie!
Er start binnenkort een 2e editie en we zijn nog steeds op zoek naar mensen die graag willen meedoen, en grotere groep maakt het natuurlijk alleen leuker. Het enige wat je nodig hebt is een (gratis) account op ons forum en een gezonde dosis humor en fantasie.
Voor meer informatie over de 2e editie kun je hier terecht ook staat in dit topic de 1e editie!

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