Downloads Sims 2 everyday clothing female adult back online

So I should be getting ready for RL stuff but no I’m tinkering with the website LOL…As per fricking usual Rocket would say XD.
But!!! It helped cause I just put the 1st old page back online again 🙂
I’ve added a new page called Sims 2 downloads and under it you can find the 1st page I restored: Everyday clothing female adult

I even figured out how to get the legend to work again since the ex started to use different coding for some odd reason 😛 But hey who cares the 1st page is back online again… So the others will follow too.
Also keep in mind that these clothes were created for Sims 2 (and the house’s n stuff that will be added later once I find them) so it might look out of date (which it kinda is) and less good (also true!)
But hey nostalgia isn’t dead.
And it honestly felt really good tinkering with HTML again like I used to do.
Just click on the image and the download will open…presto or voila as Bluebeard would say it XD

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