Bluebeard Legacy

One of the few legacies I’ve actually completed was the Bluebeard one.
I loved this one a lot, but alas all the data was lost on it..again.
So here is the new Bluebeard Quill and his house.

The rules of this legacy (which are very simple)
Goal: Murder 10 women and die from seeing one of their ghosts.

  • Bluebeard is a lazy pirate who does not want to work, all his income comes from the women (yes PLURAL).
  • The job of the women isn’t important as long as she and Bluebeard don’t starve
  • Bluebeard is allowed to sell paintings.
  • Bluebeard can only have 1 woman live with him at the same time, he can however have a mistress but of course the wife and mistress may not know about each other.
  • Bluebeard must make a painting of every woman before she dies, if she dies before the painting is done the challenge is lost. (This requires level 3 of the painting skill, paint from reference, so get painting from day one!)
  • The lot traits are NOT to be used! We don’t want things to get too simple.
  • I have only used the base game to create Bluebeard and his house so that everyone can join.
    You may redecorate the house with other packs, you also may build extra room or decorate the garden, you are not allowed to delete the house.
  • All urns must be kept on the sim, otherwise how will he die from seeing a ghost of his wife
  • Yes WIFE! He must marry all 10 women before he kills them.
  • When they are married, she moves in with Bluebeard, just her no one else of her family may move in (if she has them)
  • The killing is all up to you, get creative.
  • Bluebeard is not allowed to leave the lot.
  • You may create the women yourself if you want to.
  • You may NOT turn the aging off, you can keep Bluebeard young with the forever young potion.

You can tweet @dms2c and show me your progress. You can take pictures, movies, stream hell be creative XD.
I’ll post my updates here on the website. Also make sure you use the #Bluebearddms2c so other people can look at your progress too.

You can download Bluebeard Quill from the gallery and here is his house

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