Have you got some Free Time? (preview)

January 22nd, 2008 by mogway

Dutch preview

Today was the Dutch fan event of The Sims 2: Free Time. (pictures will come soon)
All your sims can enjoy new different activities, both indoor and outdoor.
A key feature is the new hobby enthusiasm menu, here you can see which activities suits best with your sims.
Each sims has a talent for one of the new hobbies, you can see which one it is by the white bar in that menu.
If your sims is really enthusiastic about a hobby it means that they will earn points for it more quicly.
But if you sim doesn’t have enough skillpoints for it, still doesn’t work, sound or look good.
When your sim has a full enthusiasm meter they can enter “the zone”.
The zone means that none of the motives will decay, each zone is different for each hobby, with dance and music you’ll hear applaud and cheering.
You can see your sim has entered the zone by the white light surrounding them.
If you see a little card at the end of the hobby enthusiasm bar it means your sim has access to a secret lot.
Only sims who are good at there hobby can receive an invite.
There are 10 secret lot, 1 for each new category of hobby. (Cooking, Film & Literature, Games, Tinkering, Science, Art & Crafts, Sport, Nature, Fitness,
Music & Dance )
When 1 sim knows the location, all the other sims of the household can go to that secret lot, but only if the sim who’s invited goes there.
Children can also be invited to the secret lots, they’ll have to walk to it though ;)There’s a new meter: The lifetime aspiration meter, this meter will grow when special events happen, or lower when bad things happen.
All these things are aspiration based. You’ll get points and those you can spend on bonuses. Like the perks in OFB.
The new perks are dived in 4 categories: needs, work, aspiration based (so if you have a knowledge aspiration it will be based on that), and a second aspiration.
With these new perks you can get a second aspiration, get abducted sooner, or slow down motives decay and more.
With the second aspiration you’ll also get 3 other bonuses, the grilled cheese aspiration is now available to choose, and 3 perks for that is, that your sim won’t go fat, even though they eat a lot, they don’t need to go to the bathroom a lot, and they can make masterpieces about grilled cheese.
The perks to the other aspirations is something you’ll have to find out yourself.With all new objects you can choose what they’ll make (sowing machine, pottery ect.), the outcome depends on how good your sim is with that object.
With the sowing machine you can choose from 3 parts of fabric to combine into a clothing piece, you also get a badge if you get better in it.
You can sell your dress/ pottery in your store when you have OFB or give it as a gift.
You can also choose to make the winning designs from the H&M contest.For children and toddlers there’s a special table, on this table they can play with blocks or make drawings. The drawings can be hung on the walls.
There are 5 new carriers, all of these have there own special objects.
Also toddlers can build up skills for later use of a hobby.In the new neighborhood (Desderata Valley) are several new community lots, on these community lots contests are held.
With the cooking contest sims can prepare their meals at home and bring it to the contest or they can prepare it on the lot.
If your sim wins a cooking contest they’ll receive $500 and a nice award.
There are also dance contests and gaming contests.The genie in a bottle is the new creature, a gypsy will come by your house and give it to you.
The genie grants wishes the 1st time your sim wishes for money it will give you $10.000, but the amount will lower every time you use it.
It’s very similar like the genie in Living Large.
Also when you’re making a new sim, it will receive a package, in our case it was a pc.
On this pc was a copy of the Sims 3. You can buy all the other new games on a community lot.All the old objects from previous expansions (like the drums) can work as a hobby for your sims, all these objects will be divided in one of the 10 categories.
Your sim can also unlock lot’s of different things, which can help your sim in life or with their hobby. (meals for instance)
There are new radio stations, and your sim can even mix new numbers, there are also new movies for the tv and new channels.There are several new decorating objects, rugs and other objects, also new clothing and hair styles.
The train table is customizable, so you can put things on it you like.When your sim ages, friends can also age, you’ll get a screen with possible friends you want to age as well, it’s not known if this is also possible when kids age.Of course there is much more to the game then this, but this is some stuff in a nutshell, we didn’t even figured out everything there is to this game and it will take you some time before you uncover all the secrets to this expansion.You can find the official page here.We would like to thank EA and Bim Majekodunmi for giving us this great opportunity!Other previews


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The Sims 2 Bon Voyage preview

August 19th, 2007 by mogway

Dutch version
A big thank you to Starrats from Lucky Sims 2 for letting us use her pictures!

Last Thursday DMS2C was invited to EA headquarters here in the Netherlands to attend at a special Bon Voyage preview.
When we arrived at EA it was already clear that this expansion is about traveling, the EA office had a nice vacation spirit vibe.
There were 6 pc’s with the sims 2 and Bon Voyage installed so we got to play the game already.
Unfortunately we don’t know how Bon Voyage will play with all the other expansions, but that’s something we all get to test when the game comes out.

With this expansion they really focused on small details, the 3 vacation destinations are really different from each other, all with their own objects, cultural things and food! Also each destination has it’s own unique NPC’s and hidden npc.
Your sims can choose to stay at a very expensive hotel, or a cheaper one or even buy a vacation home!
Unfortunately toddlers, babies and pets have to stay home for the holiday. But if your sims really need a break from everyday life they can let an adult or elder family member at home to look out for the kids and pets or you can hire a nanny that will stay with your kids and pets.
Just make sure your family has enough simoleons because a nanny and the vacation could be very expensive.
If your sims miss their family members and pets who staid behind to much, they can leave the destination before the holiday ends.
Luckily your sims boss won’t give you trouble if your sims need a break, you don’t even have to give up any free days!
When your sims get home everything there is like they left it, so it seems that your sims never have gone on a holiday, well except for the sims who went because they can have new skills and new memories about the holiday.

There is not much new clothing in this expansion, but a lot of new objects. The holiday neighborhood is a sub-neighborhood. And sims wouldn’t be sims if you couldn’t make your own holiday destination. There is no winter holiday in the game, but if you have the Seasons expansion you can make that for yourself.
Sims can do lot’s of different activities during their holiday, like going on excursion, walk around in one of the gardens or go to the beach.
They can do this by taking a taxi or they could just walk to the next lot.
Your sim also let’s you know if they like the holiday or not, and the more fun they have the more benefit can be taken from it when they get home.
By doing different things on each location your sim will learn more things and get more different holiday memories, some memories unlock things in the game.
Of course there are also new wants and fears all related to the holiday experience.
Your sims will be very grateful when they’re holiday is over, and it’s really worth it!

We still have to wait for this new expansion to come out, it’s set for 5 September in America and 6 September for Europe.
Although we were very lucky to play this game, we still haven’t explored everything, this is a very large expansion with lot’s of different things to do.

I guess our preview doesn’t bring that many new things, but that has a reason, we’ve been asked not to spill to much new details about this game, so you guys still can find out stuff when you buy it.
I believe that even if we told you guys everything we know right now, we would all still have enough to explore in this new expansion!

This new expansion pack is really going to be great, EA has done it again, most people who didn’t like the original version will have lot’s of fun with this new expansion pack! Let the holiday’s begin!

We would like to thank EA for giving us the opportunity to play this new expansion, and also for the great day we had!

Het chat transcript van afgelopen donderdag is door mij vertaald en kun je hier vinden

MySims preview

June 12th, 2007 by mogway

Preview in Dutch

On Monday June 4 DMS2C was invited for a preview of MySims! for the WII and the DS. Because there was an embargo on this preview we weren’t allowed to post about it until today.
Unfortunately we don’t have any pictures because our camera is broken, but when the other previews come online you can look at their photo’s (links will follow shortly)
Also we didn’t get a real impression of the DS version because there was only 1 DS, so this preview is mostly about the WII version.
Pictures in this preview are used with permission of starrats!

The MySims preview was held in Utrecht, and it was lead by Tim LeTourneau and by Robin Hunicke ( she also worked on the sims 2, her first experience with the sims 2 was with the expansion pack OFB, she worked on the crafting tables)

MySims is really different then what we are used to of a sims version, this is mostly because MySims is designed for Nintendo.
Because Nintendo is Japanese the sims look a little Japanese as well.
When you start with the game it’s really weird because they don’t really look like the sims we know, but after a while you start getting used to them and they’re just sims again.

The game is played in a ghost town, well at first because when you start playing the town get’s more alive.
The goal is to rebuild the town again, a 5 star town to be exact.
You start the game by creating your sim.

You create your sim in a sort of cas, but it’s different the the cas of the sims 2, you’re not getting a screen with all the clothing that’s in the game, but you have to click your way through it until you see something you like.
You can change your sim just by clicking on it, head, hair, clothes.
When you start a new game you only have a little selection of options you can choose from, but when you start to play it you’ll get more options.
There are a lot of clothes and hair styles you can unlock during the game.
You can also change the voice of your sim, there are 5 voices and you can make them very high or low.
There isn’t an option to choose a male or female sim, you just create a sim that looks male of female.

When your done creating your sim you can go into town. The fun thing is that in MySims you’re not bound to a house, but you can walk freely through the town! And even better, you can create all the furniture and houses yourself! YES ALL!!! You have a workshop, there you can create the furniture with help of a blueprint.
Again when you first start the game the blueprint will be rather simple but as you progress in the game you’ll unlock new blueprints to create the weirdest looking furniture you’ve ever seen, or not if you just want normal furniture.
After creating you give it a texture, again it’s limited at first.

The goal of the game is to get your town rated with 5 stars, this means the town is living again. To get stars you need to fulfill tasks from other sims who live in your town.

The 1st sim you’ll meet is Poppy, the local florist, she’s going to ask you to make her something. To make objects you need essence, there are many different sorts of essences, you can get essences by making a sim happy, or sad or later in the game you unlock special essences fields.
The game doesn’t have a money currency, you collect the things you need or just steal them.
When you’ve accepted Poppy’s task you can go to your workshop to build the object she wants.
In your workshop you’ll get a blueprint of the object you need to build, you can use blocks to build the object.

There are a lot of different types of blocks so you can create everything like chairs, tables, beds and tv’s.
Now you can decide if you want to make Poppy the thing she wants and make her happy or just create something you like!
If you create the thing Poppy wants you’ll get a nice happy looking town, if you create somethings people don’t want your town with get a Gothic look.

Whatever you choose it’s going to determine the type of sims that want to live in your town, also you decide which sims are going to live in your town.
When sims want to live in your town they’ll go to the hotel, from there you can decide whether they’re going to live in it or not.
There are about 80 NPC’s in this game.

Besides the furniture you also create all the houses in the game, you can also redesign the houses that are already in the game.
Again you build the houses with blocks, when you start to build a house you’ll see a green grid where you can build your house on, there are a lot of creations you can make with different sizes of blocks, but you can’t make something like a cathedral.
It’s very easy to build a house, you just put the blocks on the grid and give it a nice color.
You’ll get more colors during the game, there is also a lot of decoration for around the houses and you can even place things on the roof.
You can build a 1st floor, but there are no stairs in the game, so it’s there only for decoration.

The gameplay is very easy, you meet new sims, you talk to them and ask them what they want, then you’re going to collect the things you need to make the object, after collecting everything you’ll go to your workshop and create it, then give it back to the sim.
At first the tasks will be easy, but the further you get the harder they’ll be!

There’s also a garden where you can make essences grow, we’ve been told that it’s possible to grow an eyeball tree for a specific kind of essence.
You can also chop down your trees to make room for new trees. You just plant the seeds and give it water and a new tree will start to grow immediately!

It’s a single player game, and you only play with the sim you’ve made, there is no family connections and the sims don’t have needs.
At one point in the game you’ll get a costume shop, there you can give your sim a new outfit, you can dress your sim up as a social bunny, or the cute panda bear suits for toddlers, or just dress your sim up like a pirate or a princes.

There is no connectivity possible between the DS and the WII, because they’re both different games.

In the DS version you control a holiday island and you need to satisfy all the people who come there for a holiday.
The DS versions also has mini games.

A release date isn’t known at this time, but it should be somewhere this fall.

MySims is a very fun game, especially for someone who’s never played the sims on the pc. For the sims 2 players it will be getting used to because of the graphics of this game. Whether “die hard” simsfans will like this game really depends on the simsfan.
A really great aspect about the WII version is that you can create new furniture without using other programs to make new meshes.

Of course we would like to thank EA Benelux for inviting us, and giving us a great afternoon in Utrecht!

DeKDeS with producer Robin

DMS2C goes Seasons!

February 24th, 2007 by dekdes

A review by DeKDeS.

On February the 23rd DMS2C was invited to the sneak preview of The Sims 2 Seasons.
Before I start to tell you about the things we saw, I must say the simfansite’s invited and EA had made an agreement not to post any screenshots of the game until the game is released.

We drove through some strange weather towards EA, it was like the clouds not yet decided to pour down rain or just to stay teasing with some little raindrops.
We arrived much too early but dry, at EA. whilst waiting, the first other Dutch Sims fan site Mamasims arrived to join us waiting in a bit cold underground parking lot. After some while the other invited sim fan site’s arrived and we entered the EA elevators towards preview heaven.

Unfortunately lightning stroke the building so all pc’s where down. Hehe no no, just kidding.
EA welcomed us to the preview and for the first hours we all got the change to play The Sims 2 Seasons.

The first thing that amazed me was to see a town covered in snow, it look so cool, literally.
We started to play around first with the new death effects, not because we’ve got an driving obsession with killing sims erh well  but we were curious about the death by hailstones and lightning, well I can say I would not want to be in that poor sims’s shoes. If you want to see your sim get stroked by lightning, Hunter Howe from EA games, (with who we had a live video connection with America , amongst 2 other developers) had the perfect recipe for disaster, place a hot tub and surround it by a lot of trees, it sure will get your sim fried at one point.

So what can I tell you more about only ways to make your sim lives miserable?

Lets do a Q&A.

Q: Will it snow/rain inside your home?
A: No, this was a problem to begin with in The Sims 2, because it was difficult to know which camera positions players used, to code stuff like rain, because rain was always there in The Sims 2 with some cheats, but it then also rained inside your home. The developers had a challenge to fix this, what they did is create a sort of code that will create a sort of none visible bubble over your house, and the code tells that it should not rain in there but only outside. But if you would like to see snow in your house, then just remove 1 wall and all of the furniture inside your home will be covered in a layer of snow.

Q: Custom content will get covered in snow, but what if I download a custom made tree, will the leaves fall of it in autumn?
A: No, unless the tree is extracted from the original The Sims 2 Season, why? Well the trees that shed leaves are new objects with multiple layers, for every season the tree has a texture/status. It has the status of lumps of snow on the branches, the leaves falling off etcetera.

Q: Ponds will freeze over, can your Sims walk on it and fall through the ice?
A: No, this is the same reason why there are no such things as hurricane’s or tornado’s, EA wants the game to stay fun, some people perhaps in real life had relatives died by these disasters, and it’s perhaps not so funny when it happens within the sims, you might say that its strange that sims do can get killed by lightning, but to be honest this change is much smaller then a tornado.

Q: How about new items?
A: For the fans of little details like ovenmits, kitchen tools and so on, there will be a lot of those decorative items within the sims seasons, and yes, they also can be covered with snow. Also there are a lot other new, fun and beautiful furniture to brighten up your sims home.

Q: Are the new fears and wants?
A: Yes, for some strange reason a want is to be hit by lightning hmm, but also the fear of it.
Weather does affect the mood of your sims, some sims just stay outside and enjoy the lightning, others are afraid and run back inside to seek safety.

Q: Is this expansion going to slow down my game?
A: EA made sure the game will run on lower end systems, one thing you might notice as the sun rises, there will be no carpools or such animation, this is to speed up the animation of the sun rising and prevent slowing down your machine.

Q: So I’ve read there will be a penguin in the game? When do we see it?
A: A funny thing to mention is that the penguin was not intended at all to appear with the Sims, one developer just loved penguins and was waiting for the right opportunity to make it happen, with seasons it was the time for this developer to make this happen, and so the penguin was for real. When you place a lot of fish on your lot and don’t have cats (who also try to steal the fish from your fishing rod ) then at some point you will see a penguin running waggling ? about.

Q: I heard it can rain fire??
A: This was so funny! As you might know there is a new wish object, the weather station, just let a sim with a wish meter below the gold status operate the machine, and it might poor down hellfire, it was sad to see the total stranger that just walked by also caught on fire.

I can go on hours perhaps with this Q&A but I think it’s up to you all to discover the Sims 2 Seasons.

After we fired question to the developers, they had a question for us, about what we would love to see in further expansion. We told we would love to see farm animals such as cows, and starrats from Luckysims said she wanted to see rats. Also we would love to see sims sing under the shower again and brush their teeth.
And if erh.. We get The Sims Cockroaches sorry my bad.. I told it wrong lol.

Well you must know it was the first time for me to be present at a sneak preview so im sorry if this is not such a great review, but I had a great time at EA, and Mogway and me want to thank EA Netherlands for inviting our website, and thanks to EA America for their time answering our questions and giving great feedback.

Oh, afterwards all the present fan site’s got a copy of the Sims 2 Seasons!!

So if you don’t mind, I’m going to ignore the weather outside, and enjoy the rain inside The Sims 2.

My final opinion? GO GET THIS GREAT EXPANSION!!!

Keep up the good work EA!

For the Dutch review by Mogway Click here

The sims life stories review part 2

February 10th, 2007 by mogway

After playing only 1 hour yesterday i kinda got a feeling about the game.
After i wrote my review here i started to play again, because i really wanted to play the game just for fun.
There are several things i’ve noticed.
As you can read in the previous part you can cheat and date, this still is true but you can only do that in the free play mode and not during the storyline.
Also the building menu is disabled in the storyline, all these things are disabled so you can’t mess up that storyline.
After you’ve finished a storyline (i completed Riley’s story already) you can still play with that family but still can’t build or cheat.
The free play game is the same as the standard play of the sims 2, but you now play in the neighbourhood Four Corners.
So every place you visit with Riley is in there.
Also one thing i like about the sims life stories is that your sims gain skills points at community levels!
This counts for free play and the story mode.
So why is this game especially designed for laptops?
In the option menu you have a battery indicator that you can turn on / off, best is to turn it on when you play on a laptop.
The battery indicator shows up in your screen when you’re playing on the battery.
One thing i always forget is to switch the adaptor on before my battery goes empty, i get caught up in the game and then poof a black screen.
Don’t you just hate that when it happens?
Well that’s something from the past with the sims life stories!
As you can see on the picture above the game knows when your battery is low and warns you about it!!
In the upper left corner you can see the battery indicator.
So when you get this message you can save your game and make sure your laptop is connected to the adaptor 😀
When you’ve connected your laptop on the adaptor the indicator disappears, until you start playing on the battery again.

About the custom content, although EA says it isn’t possible, you can still add custom content to your game.
As long as the objects are from the original The Sims 2 game and in the sims life stories you can add custom content to the game.
However this game was created as a light version of the Sims 2 game, so that it would run better on laptops,
if you decide to put a lot of custom content into your game the game will become slower.
If you registered your game at the official site, you can download a welcome kit into your game.
The welcome kit contains the Drum Kit, the VocoPhonic Karaoke Machine and the Club Cube.
Well that’s about it! Have fun playing this great new product of EA!

The sims life stories review

February 9th, 2007 by mogway

Finally I had the change to continue downloading and playing the game. Here is what I think of this game.
When you start the game you have a couple of options, you can learn how to play the game (useless if you already know the sims 2 games), you’ve got 2 story modes and an option free play (which is the standard play of the sims)
I selected the story line of Riley first, and you get a message if you want to learn how to play the game in a couple steps.
Although the game tells you that you can rotate, zoom in and out with your keyboard (the letters w a s d), you can still use your mouse the way you’re used to in the sims 2 games.
Especially when you play the sims 2 game windowed controlling your sims in the sims life stories won’t be a problem.
After you’ve visited the park with Riley you go home, and there you’ll get some more information about controlling your sims.
During the 1st day you’ll get some helpful tips,
the sims life stories has a lot of shortcuts as shown in the picture below (press on the esc key to get into this menu)
Shortcuts menu
Also the graphics, screen resolution and other stuff still depend on the quality of your video card.
The game start in a 800 x 600 resolution, you can turn it higher if your video card allows it.
Just go to the options menu then graphics / performance and then chose windowed mode on / off.
Also all other options like shadows, details, reflection depend on your video card.
Because my laptop was actually build to play the sims 2, i’m not having trouble with the sims 2 or with the sims life stories.
Well when you start to play the story mode you’ll be told what you should do to get further in the game,
at one point neighbours come over to visit you, like they always do, but now it’s much more fun then in the sims 2, why?
You get presents!!!
As you can see on the picture above the game is fairly simple because sims don’t have fears! In the story mode they have a goal and 3 wants, but in free play they just have 4 wants.
The presents that you get are things you unlock during the game, once you’ve got a present you can buy it with your money in the story mode or in free play.

Game specifics

Although this is the 1st game you notice stuff from expansion packs from the sims 2 games.
You have influence and you can even date with other sims if your relationship is high enough!
And it just looks like a date in Nightlife
However you can play, flirt or do other stuff when you’re eating a meal, so specific things are added to this game.
You can also buy your sim a cellphone but you can do that directly from the buy menu.
Also you can go to places, so there is a town. (haven’t done that part yet, but i’ll leave you guys something to explore as well)
Well you all love aliens right? Then i’ve got good news for you!
Your sim can be abducted by aliens, how nice is that 😀
Also the famous cheat boolprop testingcheatsenabled true / false works in this game, use at own risk of course. (you can only cheat in the free play area, and not during a storyline)
If your video card can handle it there will be in game movies just like the sims 2, i’ve only seen the woohoo and baby born movie but those are the same
Of course what would a sim be without a lifetime want! Yes that’s in the game as well
But even better there are 2 new careers in this game!
Your sim can be choose a career in the game development or the entertainment of course both with their own career rewards.
Although the game looks and feels similar to the sims 2 games there’s one big difference between them! Except for the story mode of course, but you can’t really make your own stories with this game. You can’t take pictures the normal way,
the photo album is now the family journal, in that journal all your accomplished goals are shown there,
so the only way to take a picture is to print screen it.
If you press tab, you’ll be tabbed through the game menu.
Also you can’t upload or download anything from the sims 2 website into your own game, so there is no custom content accept for the stuff you can download from the official sims story site .


Is this game worth it? OH YEAH!
Especially if you liked the console versions (ps2, xbox) with the story mode!
The free play is just like the normal sims 2 game.
Also i haven’t met any NPC or regular townie from the sims 2 games, so that’s a plus 2, you don’t know them at all!
I can’t wait until The sims Pets stories and Castaway stories are released 😀
Well i’m off to play some more, i hope this review has helped you getting some more info about the game.
If you have any questions don’t be afraid to ask them on our forum!