Sims 3 Pets Preview

September 18th, 2011 by mogway

DMS2C was lucky to be invited to the Sims 3 Pets preview last Tuesday.
In a secret place in Utrecht the demo took place.

We started with a demo from the console 1st.
It was a short demo, we got to see some of the new karma system that is in the game and how easy it was to bring back pets to life.

Then we moved on to the demo of the pc game.
For the 1st time in sims history your sims can own horses, lot’s of girls and women will enjoy that, and they look amazing too.

There’s a new neighborhood with the sims 3 Pets called Appaloosa plains, and there will be new community lots as well like a cat jungle, dog training ground and if you buy special edition you’ll even get a pet shop with new animals.
There’s a new place too Woohoo, just find a big haystack and have fun πŸ˜‰

Your sims and pets learn things at the same time, so if your sims is learning how to ride a horse and if the horse is inexperienced they’ll both learn at the same time. It’s funny to see how a sim rides a horse for the 1st time.
Like in the other sims games that involved pets, pets can have jobs here too, and there are lot’s of different traits to choose from, of course some are special to that species of animal.
Your sims also have new traits to pick from how about being allergic to fur and make them an animal lover, there are a lot of new stories to tell with them.
Also if you haven’t got the generations expansion your sims will have memories with this expansion.
It wasn’t sure if there were new ways to die for your sim, but knowing the sims team there will probably be a new way, so that’s something for us to find out.
No new cheats were found at this point either, but the game wasn’t a gold version yet so who knows what will get in before the final release.

If you have the sims 3 World Adventures your pets will be able to go on holiday with your sim, they don’t have any special options while being on holiday but are able to still gain skills.
There is a special animal in the game: The Unicorn, you have to unlock it, but it will be worth it when you do.
We also saw some animals running around in the game, we didn’t interact with them so who knows what more creatures you can have as your pet.

In the create a sim / pet you can create a horse, cat or dog and they have different breeds to choose from, but that’s not it, you can also make up a whole new breed if you wanted to, create your pet from scratch or use a pre-made breed and play with that.

In the building / buy section sims players will be happy to know that the collections have returned making it easier to find certain matchable stuff.

On the 22nd of September there will be a Town hall meeting and there will be a release of a Create a Pet demo too before the game ships.

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The Sims 3 Ambitions Fan Event Preview

May 23rd, 2010 by mogway

by Rosana Kooymans
Nederlandse preview

Like many other fansites, SNW was invited to join the Sims 3 Ambitions event at EA’s office in The Netherlands. Of course we went there, despite the fact that we live 2-3 hours away. EA had to split up all the fansites in 2 groups. Luckily this gave more people the chance to play the game rather than to share the computer with someone else. My good friend Mogway really wished she could go as well, but unfortunately she had to work and couldn’t get the day off. That’s why I decided to write this preview for both of us. It’s more or less my preview, but DMS2C is allowed to post it as well. A little disclaimer up front; I had 2,5 hours to play, we were not allowed to take pictures of the game and what I write in this preview is my own experience with the game. Facts but also my opinion. I’m a very picky person and I will share the positive and negative stuff. Nonetheless, I strongly suggest you buy the game to see for yourself what it’s like.

As you may or may not already know, Sims 3 Ambitions is all about professions. But not the normal kind we know from The Sims, The Sims 2 and until now The Sims 3. No, in this pack, your Sims will have the possibility to get a job where you can actually see them at work. The already existing careers will not be affected by this expansion pack. And just so you know, it’s also not the same expansion as The Sims 2 Open for Business. There are definitely similarities between The Sims 2 Open for Business and The Sims 3 Ambitions.

Because of the many choices and the short period of time to play, I only focused on one specific profession, and took a look at some other professions other players were checking out. I chose to have my Sim become a Sculptor. This is something she could do from her home. To have this as an actual job, she had to visit city hall to register herself for self-employment. To make the sculptures, you just buy a sculpture work station from the Study section in Buy Mode. There are a bunch of other new objects there, like tattoo chairs, fire pole, work bench for scrap, drawing table and loads more.

Anyway. I made my Sim start working on those sculptures right away. The first option was to work with clay. As the sculpting skill gets higher, you get more options. I was surprised to see my Sim make a clay dining chair and a clay bar stool. But she did, they looked just like the wooden versions you can buy in the catalog πŸ˜‰ Your Sim can sell the objects made for money, or just display them at home. There’s an option to give the object a name. But you don’t have to do this. The game generates random funny names like “gum under your shoe”.
After a while, my Sim got the option to work with wood, then ice and eventually stone/rock. As the skill gets higher, you also get the option to make a sculpture from a Sim. This Sim has to be on the same lot. This can be challenging when you have to make a sculpture of someone you aren’t friends with and is working most of the time. I managed to do this eventually but the tech guy at the event accidentaly pulled some cables (or he pushed some buttons) causing the computers to lose power and with that obviously our games. I lost all my progress but it’s okay, since my Sim had already reached skill level 10. When you reach the highest skill level you get this certificate as proof of your achievement. I have seen a lot of the things my Sim could do in her sculpting profession and so far I really like it.

I also tried a bit of tattooing, on friends. I don’t think strangers like it that much, but then again, I haven’t tried that yet! Maybe you should try that! See what happens… The tattooing is really cool. Your Sim will start tattooing on the arm of a Sim and then the tatoo options will open. You can pick images to put on arms, legs, back etc and several layers as well if desired! Really cool. But other than that I didn’t see too much of the tattooing bit, as I was a bit short on time.

My boyfriend, ChEeTaH, was also at the event for his fansite The Sims Zone. He had a separate computer and he gave the Inventor profession a try. Obviously I was mostly occupied with my own Sim, but occasionally ChEeTaH showed me something (or I heard him laughing because something funny had happened). The inventor could not only travel to the future with his time machine. But he could also blow up things. This really sounds like a profession I want to try when I get my hands on Ambitions! Another player, Jimmy from SmartSim, also tried several of the professions. His two Sims made a baby in the time machine. And in the end, their son came to them through the time machine. That’s funny! Imagine the stories people can create with this feature. Oh so yeah the woohoo interaction is possible in the time machine!

In this same inventor profession, you can have your Sim create a robot. A bit like servo. I haven’t played enough with the robot to see what it can do. But it’s just like a normal Sim, displayed his avatar between the rest of the Sims. It can interact friendly and romantically with other Sims. I don’t think it can procreate itself though.

Other professions to choose from are Stylist, Architect, Ghost Hunter, Firefighter, Doctor, Private Investigator, Tattoo Artist. All of these offer fun work experiences. Most of these professions have work hours like other (normal) careers, except for the professions (like sculpting) you can do at home. Each profession comes with opportunities, to earn bonuses. I’ve had opportunities where I got a financial bonus, but also one where the relationship with another Sim improved after having completed the opportunity.

About the neighborhood. There is a new neighborhood called Twinbrook. It’s a beautiful neighborhood. There are awesome lots and of course new families. There’s a swamp as well! Looks pretty creepy. But it suits the ghost hunting profession!

Something funny I noticed in the game, there are washing machines! Sims can now do their laundry. Even though I don’t miss this in my own game, I do think it’s funny. I haven’t inspected this enough to tell you all about it, but, I did notice piles of dirty laundry appearing in rooms, in a home of a family with washing machines. So I think piles appear when you have a washing machine. I did have another family without washing machines and I didn’t see any piles of dirty laundry there. You can wash the clothes. Afterwards you can dry the clothes in a machine or by using the wash lines! There’s lots of decorative stuff to put on and around the new machines!

I spotted new build mode items like doors, windows and columns. You can now adjust the width of the columns in the UI. There are 3 different sizes, and not all columns have all sizes. There are new walls and floors. Lovely new trees.
I love some of the new modern furniture. The decorative section has been expanded with lots of paintings. I spotted a lovely Harley motorcycle! I thought this was pretty cool. Some of the toys in the children’s section included a music box, a car, some sort of baking table and a space toy. I’m curious to see what kids can do with these toys.
Oh and I love some of the new patterns. Talking about patterns, there’s a new Create A Pattern Tool, which will make pattern creating really easy for players. We will soon tell you more about this, though not in this article, the tool wasn’t available during the event.

The Create a Sim environment also has been filled with new items; clothes and hair. I did not check all the ages, as I really wanted to focus on the gameplay this time. I have seen new traits. My Sim for example had this sculpting trait, making it easier and more fun for her to go sculpting.

The fact that my article is so short is mainly because I only got to check out one specific profession. I would have loved more time to see other careers as well. Only two more weeks until Sims 3 Ambitions is in stores. Be sure to buy it. If I have to compare this expansion with World Adventures, I’d definitely prefer Sims 3 Ambitions, since it’s something you can use for all your Sims. I liked World Adventures as well. I just think it’s not exactly possible to have all my Sims travel and do adventures. I can see myself using The Sims 3 Ambitions all the time. I’m very positive about this game and I can’t wait to get my hands on this one. I might even write a review when I finally have the game!

I would like to thank EA for inviting me and giving me the opportunity to play the game before it’s in stores. I now have a much better idea what the game is about. I also loved meeting “new” people from the community. Like Jimmy from SmartSim and Lex, Kyta and LotsOfNothing from Sims 3 Nieuws. I have also met a few people from The Sims Resource but only spoke with one of them, her username was SWW. I would love to meet all these people again another time. The event was fun.

Oh and one more thing. We got these lovely goodies at the end of the event. A The Sims 3 mouse pad and a sticker. Though I’m not too sure yet where I will put this, my laptops are all too small for this hahaha. I may hang it on my wall instead.

The Sims 3 Goodies

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  • Sims 3 World Adventures review + 6 video’s

    November 16th, 2009 by mogway

    Nederlandse Versie

    Update: Movie: wohoo in a tent
    Previous updates: Meditation sim fu style video, Egypt video, snakes video, making nectar video, new painting


    To go on your vacation simply use your phone or use the computer, you’ll need a visa to visit a country, at the beginning you can only go on a vacation for 3 days, but by having adventures in that country you can expand your visa, and when you’ve got enough lifetime rewards you can buy a special reward to stay even longer!
    You’ll leave for your chosen destination right away.
    When you arrive you’ll be taken to a special base camp, instead of hotels you’ll stay in these camps to for fill your needs.
    Once your visa level reaches level 3 you’ll be able to buy a vacation home and stay there instead of the camp.

    To go on a adventure simply click on the adventure board outside your base camp, you’ll receive a chance card which you can either accept or refuse.
    In all the tombs you need to puzzle to get through it, of course are the puzzles easier when you start then when you get a higher visa level.
    When your vacation is over your sim will go home no matter what your sim is doing at that point.
    If you are still on an adventure when your sim leaves you don’t have to worry because it will still be there when you return in 2 days.
    Yes you must wait 2 days before you can get back on a vacation πŸ™
    In the time you’re at home you can still call all the friends you’ve made on your vacation, it’s the perfect way to keep in touch with your vacation love πŸ˜‰

    There are new books, but you can only buy them at the local bookstore.
    There are so many new things you can buy at the local shops and i’m not even talking about the special trader who will sell stuff to you depending on how high your visa level is and the amount of special coins which you can find.

    Also new lifetime rewards are in the game, what about never to have to pay another bill EVER! Or be a Jetsetter so you can go on a vacation cheaper then other sims, of course there are more but you’ll to find them out on your own πŸ˜›

    There are new traits and lifetime wishes, also there are 6 new favorite foods to choose from and 3 new kinds of music .
    When you play the game you still get chance options but also for the new skills your sim learns on vacation, these chance happen in your neighborhood or on vacation.

    Buy mode / Build mode

    In the buy and build mode it’s easy to see which item belong to WA, there is a small icon on it with the icon of WA, even building basements is easy, even i can do it LOL.
    There are some new objects that are inspired by the 3 worlds, but some objects are not buyable from the buy mode, you’ll have to buy them from a local store.
    Some fences and stairs are now recolorable with the create-a-style tool, also there are new kinds of roofs in the game and colors.

    Create A Sim

    There are some new clothes in the game which are clearly inspired by the one of the 3 worlds, there aren’t many new normal hair dues only 2, but the “special” hair dues is where to look for this game, lot’s of new hats and other stuff. Unfortunately the man section has been forgotten only “special” hair dues.

    Bon Voyage

    Each country has it’s own culture with that comes new recipes which your sim can learn, by buying new cooking books from the local bookstore.
    Every country has their own song which you can learn from the locals and don’t forget to bring home some incense πŸ˜‰
    There are new skills to learn in all the countries you can learn them either by books or by objects.


    Land of the love and you’ll notice that.
    But of course there are also secret doors, tombs and more.
    In France you’re able to buy a scooter in one of the stores. (Scooter also available in a store in Egypt)

    Nectar is the biggest love of Franse, nectar also known as wine πŸ˜‰
    Your sim can make it’s own nectar, that you can drink or sell.

    Sometimes strange things happen at peoples home, you can find out by accepting some adventures of the locals, or when your on a vacation your phone can ring and bring you some adventure too.

    France is a great country where you’ll have hours of fun with the nectar and the gorgeous environment.


    Egypt is like you would expect it, lots of sand and desert like environments with famous pyramids

    Egypt doesn’t really have a skill of it’s own, but you can really upgrade your photographers skill with all the beauty that surrounds you.
    You can even buy a basket with a snake in it which you can control and when you’re good at it you can even get tips and if you’re bad the snake will bite you πŸ˜‰


    It’s like you’re really in China with the music and the environment.
    Your sim can learn Sim Fu.
    You can even participate in an official Sim Fu tournament, by challenging the locals.
    You can learn Sim Fu on a trainings doll and a board breaker, it’s looks cool either way.
    With every new skill point your sim gets a new belt!
    Of course there are also temples you can discover, but a thing that was impressive for me was the Terracotta army.

    And let’s not forget the Fortune Cookies πŸ˜€ You can buy them in China or buy your own Fortune Cookies maker.
    China is really my personal favorite, because of the Sim Fu but also the environment πŸ˜› Dragons and fire are always cool!

    Of course there is so much more to explore, but it’s probably more fun if you do that on your own, because where is the adventure of knowing everything πŸ˜‰


    The Sims 3 World Adventurs is really a fun expansion especially if you like puzzles or if you love one the 3 lands.
    My sims will travel a lot to China and Egypt πŸ˜›
    Are there any disadvantages? Yes, the loading to and from a vacation take a long while, and the hair due for the man but that’s nothing new πŸ˜›

    To finish this review i would like to show you guys a movie of a sim of mine in China, as promised my sim will now be fighting a much tougher opponent, don’t try this at home πŸ˜› (unless you’re a martial arts expert of course )

    Meditation Sim Fu Style

    Egyptian music



    Wohoo in a tent!

    You don’t want to mess with my Sim! Sim Fu video!

    November 15th, 2009 by mogway

    Here you can see an official sparring game between my sim and a local from China.
    Don’t upset her πŸ˜›
    In the preview later today i’ll post a video with a higher classed sim so the fighting will be more exciting then but for now enjoy ^^

    Sims 3 preview

    May 15th, 2009 by mogway

    Dutch review
    Pictures of the new neighborhood Riverview! and you can check out all the other stuff from the new Sims 3 store πŸ˜‰
    The new Sims 3 website! Back online again!
    New sims 3 Video

    We’re back again from the event, unfortunately i can’t show you any new pictures but i can tell you a little about how the game was πŸ˜‰
    The game looked amazing and i think most of us will spend a lot of time in CAS.

    We got to play the game, but it was really too short to find everything out, so when the game comes out we still have a lot to discover for our own.
    Okay a few things that a worth mentioning:

    In our preview in November we already pointed out that you can drag and click you walls with everything still on it, today i noticed that all the furniture that is against that wall will move too.

    When the game is released you can download a 2nd Neighborhood Riverview.

    In your neighborhood are empty lots of different sizes, the neighborhood is more like the Sims 1 neighborhood, the empty lots are already there, also there are some premade sims and houses for you in the depot.
    When you buy a house you’ll get 2 options, you can buy an empty house or the same house with some furniture in it, with the 2nd option the house will cost more, and your sims starts with $16,000

    Now something that makes most sims players very happy! You can make up to 4 neighborhoods, meaning you can play with 4 different families without having to worry about the fact that they will do stuff you don’t like. So you can play with a legacy family without having to worry about another family!
    Also there are different options, you decide how long your sim will be alive, a sim has a standard life of 90 days, but you can also set it to 25 days or even on 960 days! Of course there are more options with the length of the days but you’ll have to figure that out on your own πŸ˜›
    You can also decide in the options if townies and npc’s will go on with their lives, like getting married, grow up ect., or stand still like they do in the Sims 2.

    When you play the game, you really notice the difference of the traits your sims have, for example in the sims 2 your sim could be fun from everything, now if your sim is a computer nerd they’re fun won’t rise much if they’re not playing games on the computer.
    Because of these different traits you can have different options on objects and sims, for example if your sim likes to save every penny they can search for discount coupons of different stores on the computer, or if you sim is not so friendly the can post a flame post on a forum. Every trait gives new options so there are more options to explore.

    Getting a job is easy too, you just go the building and you’re done (newspaper and pc still work too πŸ˜‰ ) most buildings have an option to attend lessons to improve your skills. You can do your job in different ways, just do your job, help your boss or just do nothing, of course there are more options.
    You also have to do the groceries and the more ingredients you have the more different meals you can prepare.
    There is also a gardening skill, and you don’t need a special place to plant seeds no you just put them into the ground, what happens next with the plants is a mystery for me too.

    During the game you’ll get mini missions, and it’s up to you to decide if you want to do them or not, those missions either come from your job or your lifetimewish.

    Building relationships is a bit different, i’m really used to the sims 2 so it might take some time to get to know the new menu, it’s a bit more harder to build up a relationship, but i had a sim try for a baby and she was pregnant the 1st time.
    I didn’t see any fireworks, but rose leaves on the bed.
    When the time came to reveille her pregnancy she just turned around just like they do in the Sims 2 game, she did get 4 days off, don’t know if those days have anything to do with the lifespan of your sim, but i’m sure we’ll find out when the game is out, she didn’t look any fatter though, but she did wear different clothes.

    Something different from the Sims 2 is the bookcase, normally all the books your sim needs will be in there, but now you’ll need to go to the bookstore and buy more books, you can buy books for skills and different level of skills or just novels.

    I’ve also played with a very young Mrs Crumplebottom because a ghost was there, and it’s true, you can communicate with a ghost.
    Another funny thing is the graveyard, on it there’s a mausoleum and my sim went in, when she got out she didn’t want to tell what happened in there but she was afraid of the dark since.

    Some object from expansions from the Sims 2 are in the game, like the drawing table for toddlers from FT and the playhouse from AL.
    You can take toddlers to a park, but when your sim leaves without the toddler you’ll get a popup which asks if you want to hire a nanny or go back yourself.

    Everyone there made something for the community and the houses and sims will be online when the website comes online, so look out for Isilya DeKMoG on the website cause we made her πŸ˜‰
    That’s about everything i can remember at this time, if you have any questions you can asks them and we maybe we can answer it.

    EA released some sort of game, today it’s called SimSocial and it plays a bit like the Sims 3 πŸ˜‰

    We would like to thank EA for the opportunity to play the game for the release date!

    MySims Party & MySims Racing preview by Renée Rossa

    February 18th, 2009 by mogway

    Nederlandse versie

    On Friday, january 30, several sims fansites and a few reporters went to Jaarbeurs in utrecht, where we were to attend a preview of Mysims Party and Mysims Racing. Executive Producers Tim Letourneau and Troy San Jose were present to show us both games.

    Mysims Party

    Firs we were going to see Mysims Party.
    New in this game is the multiplayer option, and the fact that every player can create a team of mysims to play the games with.

    Four volunteers were picked to test the game on Nintendo WII. There would be a prize to win, Tim and Troy promised to the cooperative webmasters.

    There are several options in the main menu: among others there is dream festival and minigames.


    Tim and Troy are showing us a few minigames. They are all meant to be played by 1, 2, 3 or 4 players. So it’s up to you how many players will be participating in a minigame. There are 50 minigames, so not a dull moment in this part of the game!
    Each player has their own team of mysims. The sims all have 4 abilities: Power, speed, endurance and luck. For each of the abilities the sims have 1 to a maximum of 5 points. So for example one mysim can be very fast, another may be very luck. Your job is to pick the sim that gives you the biggest chance to win for each individual minigame. So you should pick a fast mysim for challenges that require a lot of speed!

    Robot Assault
    This is the first example of a minigame Tim and Troy are showing us. In this game the players have to run away from an evil robot created by Dr. F. You can sabotage other players by blocking their way or jumping on their head to get away faster yourself.
    For this game you need mainly speed. From their team of sims each player chooses a sim with whom they want to play that particular game. So it makes sens to choose a fast mysim for a game that needs speed!

    Another example of a minigame shown to us and tested by our four jolly webmasters. You’re supposed to sway the WII remote rhythmically and press the button whenever the game asks you to. Based on the way you move, your mysim performs a little dance. There are 2 different songs you can dance on.

    Shove blocks
    In this minigame you push blocks towards holes in the floor and drop them into those holes. It’s some kind of puzzle in which you’re supposed to fill as many holes as possible within the time limit.

    Dream Festival Mode
    Although there is a bunch of minigames, the real thing about this game is festival Mode. You actually unlock minigames by playing Festival Mode!
    There are 12 festivals, each with their own games.

    Your Mysim is in his/her own house when Festival Mode starts. From here you can modify your mysim’s appearance. You can also adjust thecity and the exterior of your house. To enhance all this you will unlock parts in the course of the game.

    Alright, your mysims look the way you want them to and you put your team together, so you’re ready to go to your first festival! To do this you need to go to the middle of the town, where a mysim with some kind of cat’s ears will lead you to the festivals.
    There are several festivals to choose from, and you can unlock more festivals later.
    In this preview the Festival was shown to us.

    At the beginning of the festival you can put together your team of mysims. Your game starts with only 2 team members to play with, later you will have access to 3 and a while later than that, to even 4.So you can modify your mysims, and give them points for the 4 abilities power, speed, endurance and luck.

    Pizza game
    In this first game of the Opening Festival you have to add the right ingredients to a pizza to win points. You need luck to have a bigger chance of putting your ingredients on the pizza instead of dropping them next to it. So a mysim with many points for luck has a bigger chance to win this one!

    After the pizza game, we see how the mysims that were part of it, have a point for luck deducted each. This happens because luck is the ability these mysims used in the pizzagame, therefor they all used up 1 point of luck.

    Paper game
    In this second game of the Opening Festival you have to pick up and collect the papers that fall out of a bag as quickly as you can. You need speed to do this fast enough. So better choose a fast mysim!

    Of course playing this game will deduct 1 speed point from all mysims that were part of it. By the way, you can upload your games’ scores. Great to make friends jealous!

    Surprise Event
    Every so often, a surprise event takes place. Each player may pick a card and turn it around. There are valuable items to win here, such as a point for speed, or a wildcard, which means you can determine how and when to spend it.

    Bell Hopscotch
    In this last game of the Opening Festival it’s important to carry guests’ luggage to the desk as quickly as possible. Speed and endurance are important (suitcases, after all, are heavy) Mysims with less endurance will get tired more quickly, which slows them down.

    The festival is over and we have a winner! In this case we congtratulate player 3, who wins a nice surprise Tim and troy brought to Utrecvht for this occasion: It’s a miniature mysim doll! On screen we are shown a short ceremony and then the Opening Festival is really over.

    Mysims Racing

    Mysims Racing is in full development at the moment, which is why we are not allowed to record any of it on film or photo yet. Troy is showing us what this game is about.

    As well as Mysims Party, Mysims Racing is a multiplayer game. In the menu we can see several options:

    Create a Sim
    This is where you can create your own racing sim.

    Performance Upgrades
    Hier you can upgrate your racing performance. It’s comparable to upgrading your status points in Mysims party.

    Styling upgrade
    No further introduction needed: Pimp your race car!

    Paint Shop
    This is where you paint your racing car.

    There are 3 different sizes of cars, each size with its own set of advantages and disadvantages.

    It is in fact possibkle to save your very own car with sim in it to your WII remote and take it with you to your friends. You just connect your WII remote when you’re there and then you can show and use your own car with sim.

    In this game’s city there are several buildings. In the beginning of this game the city looks kind of boring and its buildings are small and primitive. But if you – for example- do an assignment for Gino, that means Gino’s building gets to grow. This is how you can let the city blossom by doing assignments for the different characters.
    There is a friendship book, it shows which assignment you did for who, and also who challenged you.

    Just like the city the race tracks look primitive. But the more you play the game and accomplish things, the better your race tracks start looking.

    You can make racing as difficult as you feel like: There are easy racing tracks, but also hard ones with lots of curves. While racing you can pick up several extra’s which are spread all over the racing tracks. If you perform advanced moves, you get a boost.

    You can play the racing tracks of the different mysims characters and unlock parts that belong to that particular character. Sometimes you can even unlock the racing car of that character!

    Mysims Racing supports several WII addons, like the remote, the wheel, numbchuck..

    After Troy showed us a few races, it was time to leave. Tim and Troy flew to London that same day and took a plane back to San Francisco the next morning. It was great to have met Tim again, and to have met Troy for the first time. Mysims Racing is a game that combines the toughness of racing with the cuteness of the mysims, a very special combination. Mysims Party seems to be nice to play on your own, but great to play in a group! You can spend many great nights like this, I think!

    MySims Kingdom Wii (and DS), My Sims PC preview

    September 9th, 2008 by mogway

    Yesterday (08-09-2008) DMS2c was invited to a producer tour of MySims Kingdom, MySims pc and MySims Kingdom for DS.
    First Tim LeTourneau told us about MySims Kingdom

    MySims Kingdom WII
    If you’re thinking great another expansion, well then i’ve to disappoint you, because MySims Kingdom is a standalone game and it’s not like the 1st MySims game!
    MySims Kingdom is a puzzle adventure game and is not really focused on building like the 1st game.
    The game has some mini puzzles you need to solve to get further in the game.
    Of course there are some sims you know from the original MySims game, like Buddy, Elmira, Violet and more, but there are also new sims like King Roland, Princess Butter and Gonk.
    Also your sim is able to jump now and you’ll have to use it as well.

    In MySims Kingdom you can choose to play a boy or a girl, that’s new

    There are new outfits, new hairs and when you play the game you’ll unlock more clothing, but also furniture, walls and other stuff.

    When you start the game a story will come up and tell you stuff about the game and your role in it.
    It’s like opening a fairytale book and you become part of that fairytale.

    You are a wandolier, and it’s your job to help King Roland and other people.

    After the cut-scene you’ll begin in front of a house, where you’ll be given your 1st task.
    The game is all about tasks and solving puzzles and of course saving the kingdom.
    When you’re done your friend Buddy will give you another task.
    During these tasks you’ll learn how to play the game and how to jump and stuff like that.
    All these things come automatically and sometimes even with a cut-scene.

    After that you’ll meet up with Lyndsay, she and Buddy will stay with you through the whole game.
    And they will help you with advice and also bring a nice funny element to the game

    Then it’s time to meet King Roland himself, and new sims of course.
    King Roland turns out to be a funny guy as well.
    After everyone is set you’ll be taken to a magical island where you’ll learn how to handle your wand.
    When you play the game you’ll notice that you almost have no loading time between changing to the building mode or anything.
    And mostly you’ll get a really funny cut-scene as well.

    The Travelogue contains a lot of useful information, like the tasks you’re working on and more.
    The currency they use is called Mana and you can collect Mana from shaking the trees.
    But something has changed when you want to chop down the tree you really need to make chop movements!
    You still need to collect essences and build things, but it all works to get further into the storyline.
    You can also trade essences for Mana with Lyndsay.

    These are the lands you can travel to and do tasks for sims.
    There is a cutetopia, a spooky island and my personal favorite: an Island with Elves πŸ˜›

    On every island there are new and old sims you can talk with and get tasks from.
    And of course Buddy and Lyndsay will follow you.
    When you select an Island, you’ll get a funny cut-scene with the 3 sims on a boat.

    When a sim has an exclamation point above their head they will have a task for you.
    A funny twist will be the story of our favorite goth sim Violet, but you’ll have to find that out on yourself.

    If you want to place anything you’ll need your wand, and for solving puzzles you’ll need it as well.

    With the right amount of essences you can even get more power with your wand.
    You can find essences on trees, in walls and of course you can treasure hunt for essences.

    You can unlock several things, and to build / place them you’ll need the Mana.

    You can build things on top of each other, and sometimes you’ll need to build stairs or bridges.

    There are also some new things you can do between sims, this makes the game more fun.

    MySims Kingdom is really different from MySims because of the puzzle element, it’s also funnier and the controls are still the same.
    I doubted the original game of MySims but having played that game at home it changed my opinion completely, with MySims Kingdom i just know that if you liked the 1st MySims you’ll love this game as well.
    Also because of the puzzle – adventure type gameplay it’s more fun to play, then just build stuff.

    Then Erik Zwerling producer of MySims for the pc told us about this new game.

    MySims PC

    Well this looks familiar, and it is.
    MySims for the pc is just like the WII version of it, but it has a little more then the WII version.

    Ok a little recap, you’ll get into a town and sims have left, your the towns new builder and you need to build houses and furniture for the sims that want to live there.
    Everyday new sims will arrive in the hotel and you decide which sims will live in your village.

    In the pc version there are 5 new NPC’s, and 1 of them is Wendolyn, you might recognize her, because witches and warlocks in the Sims 2 apartment life can make a statue of her πŸ˜‰

    Besides new NPC’s there are also some new things you can build.
    But still the game is the same as the Wii version, except for 1 big thing!

    With the pc version the trainstation has a purpose πŸ˜€
    Through it you can go online and chat and play online with your friends! For Free!

    You can see which friends are online, and which are not.
    To play online you either need to invite people or you need to get invited.
    A total of 8 sims can play online together in a place called the garden.

    You’ll need to know the exact MySims name of your friend, because it’s not like an online chatbox, it’s a private garden.
    When you invite your friends you can exchange things you’ve made, or essences, just chat, play tag or even redecorate the 8 houses.
    Only 1 person at a time can change a house.

    There are also other structures so you can even play hide and seek as well.
    There are over 50 new animations to the game.

    MySims for the PC is really great due to the fact you can play with your friends online and you can really share your creations with everyone.
    You can give things you’ve made to your friends or put them on a website for everyone to download.
    The game is also laptop friendly, and the building system works the same as the building on the WII.

    Then Tim told us a bit about the DS version of MySims Kingdom
    We didn’t have a lot of time left so the information will be short.
    The plot line is you’ve come to a kingdom and everything is gone, you need to fiend out who did it and why.
    Through 9 mini games and talking to people you’ll need to solve this mystery!

    The games will come out at the end of October.
    Of course i propably forgot stuff to mention lol, but it gives you an idea about the games, well except for the DS game, we spend most of our time on the new WII MySims kingdom game.

    We would like to thank Tim and Erik for telling us about these new games, and also we would like to thank EA Netherlands for the great day! Apartment life preview video

    August 13th, 2008 by mogway

    Here you can see some options your sim has when he / she becomes a witch / warlock, the menu goes fast but it gives you an idea what you can do.
    Enjoy πŸ˜€

    Apartment life preview 070808

    August 11th, 2008 by mogway

    Click here for the Dutch preview

    On Thursday the 7th of August DMS2C was invited by EA to witness a preview of the newest expansion Apartment Life (short AL).
    It’s always very exciting to see a new expansion for the 1st time, so the icon of the new expansion looks like this.

    Ok now to the interesting stuff πŸ˜›


    There is a whole new Neighborhood called Belladona Cove.
    When you take a tour through the neighborhood you will notice that it’s very large!
    And it has lot’s of apartments and normal houses for your sims, but also new community lots like a library or parks.
    And of course secret lots for the witches and warlocks.
    Also a thing that will definitely draw your attention is a strange looking statue in this neighborhood.

    This statue sure looks like Bella Goth!
    You can place it in every neighborhood though since the statue can be found in the neighborhood decorations.
    You will also notice that some parts of this neighborhood look better then other parts.

    This also means that if you live near the design in the picture above the rents in the apartments there will be lower.
    There are 10 new families in the family bin you can choose to play with and some houses have already a sim living in it.

    The rents of the apartments are determined by the size and the appliances that are already in the apartment.
    Every apartment comes with a kitchen and a bathroom, so you don’t need to buy that stuff.
    When you hold your mouse over an apartment building you can see what the rent of a apartment in that building will cost.

    Your sims can choose from a lot of different apartments to live in, a penthouse, a loft, a studio or even a mobile home and more.
    Or you can let your own fantasy make something nice for your sims to live in.

    There are 2 ways to preview an apartment, you can go into build mode and check the building out or you can have your sims check the lot out.

    Living in an Apartment

    When your sims enter an apartment building they will be greeted by the landlord of that apartment, this can be a man or a woman.
    Your sims don’t have to choose right away if they want to live there.
    They can look around the lot and when they find an apartment they like they can move in.
    You claim an apartment the same way you claim a room in a hotel, you just click on the door and the apartment is yours.
    Be careful with which apartment you choose because you’ll have to pay a full weeks rent right away when you choose your apartment.
    There are ways to lower the rent of your apartment, if you have a good reputation or the right connections your rent can be lowered.
    The rent will never go up, like on the normal lots, because it’s not based on the objects you place in it after you’ve bought it.

    You’ll have to pay the rent yourself every week, you just pay them at the new mailbox.
    A warning will come up when your rent is due, if you don’t pay your rent the landlord will have the repo man collect things from you to collect the rent.

    New interactions

    There are some new things for your sims to do.
    A new playground for the kids is really fun for them.
    But also new interactions between sims.
    Toddlers can now hug each other.

    Parents can swing their kids round and round, or tell a story.
    There are also new gestures for your sims.

    And your sims can now cuddle on the pavement.

    Of course there are lots of more interactions especially when your sim becomes a witch (female sims) or a warlock (male sim)

    Furniture and build options

    There are of course new furnitures and building options.
    There are also new bed covers.
    And sim fans from the 1st original sims games will surely recognize this bed.

    Ah yes the vibrating bed πŸ˜€ And it still vibrates after all those years, isn’t that amazing.
    Also there’s the Murphy bed, the bed you can put back up in the wall if you don’t need it anymore.
    Really comes in handy in those small apartments, but be careful when taking the bed down again, cause your sim might get under it and die.
    Yes a new cause of death how sweet.
    There are new closets and of course new couches, chairs, tv’s and a lot of new decoration items.

    But the most awesome new feature, and NO i’m NOT talking about the ceilings or spirals stairs!, is something you can do with decoration items!
    No longer they will hang on the same spot, no you can place them on every inch on the wall you like!
    And not just paintings but also lights can be hanged a bit lower or higher if you want!

    Ok the ceilings then, you can place every floor tile as a ceiling.
    You can also toggle the ceilings on and off.
    To see the ceiling you need to be in build mode.

    When you click that button you can see the ceiling and you can start decoration it by placing any floor tile you want.
    There are several new floors and walls for you to decorate your apartment with and of course the return of the spiral stairs!

    There are also new roof types and new roof bricks.
    But also a helicopter, you sims can own a helicopter! If you buy the special helicopter pad you can place 1 helicopter on it.
    Be sure to have a lot of space since it is huge, so it will be difficult to have one on an apartment lot.
    And there is a whole lot more then we saw of course.

    Withes and Warlocks

    The new feature create, making magic is back.
    So what do you have to do to become a witch? Simple get a friend with magical skills.
    This sounds easier then it is, because you need to a find that witch first!

    You can find them on community lots, and the best place to search is a park.
    But they’re not always there when you want them to be.
    Unlike vampires you can walk into a witch all times of the day so that makes it a bit easier, but still it takes quites some time.
    Well of course you can be lucky and walk into a witch on the 1st community lot you go to.
    Then you need to become friends with the witch and if you’re lucky your sim can become a witch or warlock as well.

    After this you get a cauldron and a spell book to practice magic.
    There are 3 types of witches and warlocks, good, neutral and evil.
    If your sim is extra evil their skin color can change to green.
    A witch or warlocks can do a lot of things a normal sim can’t do….
    They can teleport around a lot, cast spells, fly on a broom and they can cast a special for a cat!

    And they can visit secret lots.
    Your sim doesn’t have to wear the witchy outfit, they can also have normal clothes so they can live as normal sims.
    They can also get pregnant, if your sim is a teen they can become a witch, and they can go to the university as well.
    If your sim no longer wants to practice magic they can become normal as well.
    You can also make a super freak sim if you have the other expansions installed, so vampire witches, zombie witches, well all the creatures you can become can be a witch.
    Even servo’s can be witches or warlocks, but we couldn’t test that out since we only had sims 2 and AL installed.
    Enough about the magical stuff.


    Besides the witchy cat there is also a lap dog.
    You can choose from 4 little dogs and you can keep it in your apartment, or on a normal lot.

    But if you have pets installed you can also take “normal” pets into apartments.


    Well there is nothing new for toddlers and kids πŸ™
    But the best news is that there is a lot more for elder sims!
    A whole range of new clothes and of course new hair types.

    Of course that’s not all that’s new in body shop but if gives you a little impression πŸ˜€


    Of course there is so much more to tell you guys about this great new expansion, and i might forgot to tell a couple of things (not on purpose of course, or maybe i did πŸ˜› )
    But even after 2 hours of playing this game it’s still has some nice secrets even to me.
    Personally i can’t wait until this game comes out so i can play it again!
    We also would like to thank EA Netherlands for this great day!

    The Sims 2 Apartment Life will be in stores on the 28th of August!
    Official website: The Sims

    Previews from other sites:

    Apartment life preview

    August 1st, 2008 by mogway

    On Thursday the 7th of August there will be a preview of Apartment live in the Netherlands.
    If you still have any questions you can ask them through the forum or here with the comment section.
    Be sure that your questions are in before Thursday!