MySims Agents for the Wii and Nintendo DS

April 22nd, 2009 by mogway

Join Your Favorite MySims On An Exciting Mystery-Solving Adventure This Fall!

Love mysteries, twisting plots and sinister villains? Love puzzles, adventure and high tech gadgets? Now players can enjoy the thrill of solving the mystery, while re-joining their MySimsâ„¢ friends. EA Play Label of Electronic Arts Inc. (NASDAQ:ERTS), today announced MySimsâ„¢ Agents, an original IP, mystery-solving adventure game for the Wiiâ„¢ and Nintendo DSâ„¢ where players are the heroic agents who must stop a sinister plot that threatens the fate of an entire city.

“We’re thrilled to bring you MySims Agents, the next game from MySims, and something completely different than any MySims game before,” said Tim LeTourneau, General Manager of the MySims franchise. “Its mystery-meets-adventure theme allows players to hone their problem-solving skills while still enjoying all of the beloved MySims charm; characters, customization and humor.”

MySims Agents for the Wii

In MySims Agents players take on the role of a special agent hired to foil the sinister plans of Morcubus, lord of the criminal underworld. By recruiting different MySims, each with their own special characteristics, players can build up their very own crime-busting dream team. From tracking footprints and using forensics to picking locks, hacking into computers, following leads and collecting clues, players must rely on their wits, skills and trusty gadgets to piece together the clues to solve the mystery. Jump aboard the jet to reach an ancient temple, a spooky mansion or an icy mountaintop chalet in search of clues that lead players closer to the sinister Morcubus. Return from the adventure with cool treasures that players can use to construct and customize their headquarters and make it their own.

MySims Agents for the Nintendo DS

In MySims Agents on the Nintendo DS players are agents assigned by their agency to help the mayor stop a notorious thief from stealing an ancient treasure. By searching for clues, solving intricate puzzles and matching wits with the thief, gamers can protect the treasure and the town! Along the way they can talk to their favorite MySims, sharpen their agent skills with 10 different mini-games, and search through underground caverns for clues to the thief’s undoing!

MySims Party begins in March!

February 23rd, 2009 by mogway

It Wouldn’t Be A Party Without the MySims!
The Ultimate Party Game Is Coming in March 2009 Plus The Official Website Goes Live and More!
Look out for the party to begin March 2009! Additionally, the official website is now live so check it out at

And that’s not all…we have a few wallpapers and screenshots to help get you through the wait.

Your little town is hosting a big party, and everyone’s invited! This isn’t your typical, stand-around-and-make-idle-chit-chat kind of get-together, either. Your gracious hosts of the community-wide festival have set up a plethora of fun games for the townsfolk to compete in, ranging from sushi-eating contests to giant robot chases!

So choose your team and complete for the grand prize: new Monuments to help your town grow to greater and more resplendent heights!

MySims Party & MySims Racing preview by Renée Rossa

February 18th, 2009 by mogway

Nederlandse versie

On Friday, january 30, several sims fansites and a few reporters went to Jaarbeurs in utrecht, where we were to attend a preview of Mysims Party and Mysims Racing. Executive Producers Tim Letourneau and Troy San Jose were present to show us both games.

Mysims Party

Firs we were going to see Mysims Party.
New in this game is the multiplayer option, and the fact that every player can create a team of mysims to play the games with.

Four volunteers were picked to test the game on Nintendo WII. There would be a prize to win, Tim and Troy promised to the cooperative webmasters.

There are several options in the main menu: among others there is dream festival and minigames.


Tim and Troy are showing us a few minigames. They are all meant to be played by 1, 2, 3 or 4 players. So it’s up to you how many players will be participating in a minigame. There are 50 minigames, so not a dull moment in this part of the game!
Each player has their own team of mysims. The sims all have 4 abilities: Power, speed, endurance and luck. For each of the abilities the sims have 1 to a maximum of 5 points. So for example one mysim can be very fast, another may be very luck. Your job is to pick the sim that gives you the biggest chance to win for each individual minigame. So you should pick a fast mysim for challenges that require a lot of speed!

Robot Assault
This is the first example of a minigame Tim and Troy are showing us. In this game the players have to run away from an evil robot created by Dr. F. You can sabotage other players by blocking their way or jumping on their head to get away faster yourself.
For this game you need mainly speed. From their team of sims each player chooses a sim with whom they want to play that particular game. So it makes sens to choose a fast mysim for a game that needs speed!

Another example of a minigame shown to us and tested by our four jolly webmasters. You’re supposed to sway the WII remote rhythmically and press the button whenever the game asks you to. Based on the way you move, your mysim performs a little dance. There are 2 different songs you can dance on.

Shove blocks
In this minigame you push blocks towards holes in the floor and drop them into those holes. It’s some kind of puzzle in which you’re supposed to fill as many holes as possible within the time limit.

Dream Festival Mode
Although there is a bunch of minigames, the real thing about this game is festival Mode. You actually unlock minigames by playing Festival Mode!
There are 12 festivals, each with their own games.

Your Mysim is in his/her own house when Festival Mode starts. From here you can modify your mysim’s appearance. You can also adjust thecity and the exterior of your house. To enhance all this you will unlock parts in the course of the game.

Alright, your mysims look the way you want them to and you put your team together, so you’re ready to go to your first festival! To do this you need to go to the middle of the town, where a mysim with some kind of cat’s ears will lead you to the festivals.
There are several festivals to choose from, and you can unlock more festivals later.
In this preview the Festival was shown to us.

At the beginning of the festival you can put together your team of mysims. Your game starts with only 2 team members to play with, later you will have access to 3 and a while later than that, to even 4.So you can modify your mysims, and give them points for the 4 abilities power, speed, endurance and luck.

Pizza game
In this first game of the Opening Festival you have to add the right ingredients to a pizza to win points. You need luck to have a bigger chance of putting your ingredients on the pizza instead of dropping them next to it. So a mysim with many points for luck has a bigger chance to win this one!

After the pizza game, we see how the mysims that were part of it, have a point for luck deducted each. This happens because luck is the ability these mysims used in the pizzagame, therefor they all used up 1 point of luck.

Paper game
In this second game of the Opening Festival you have to pick up and collect the papers that fall out of a bag as quickly as you can. You need speed to do this fast enough. So better choose a fast mysim!

Of course playing this game will deduct 1 speed point from all mysims that were part of it. By the way, you can upload your games’ scores. Great to make friends jealous!

Surprise Event
Every so often, a surprise event takes place. Each player may pick a card and turn it around. There are valuable items to win here, such as a point for speed, or a wildcard, which means you can determine how and when to spend it.

Bell Hopscotch
In this last game of the Opening Festival it’s important to carry guests’ luggage to the desk as quickly as possible. Speed and endurance are important (suitcases, after all, are heavy) Mysims with less endurance will get tired more quickly, which slows them down.

The festival is over and we have a winner! In this case we congtratulate player 3, who wins a nice surprise Tim and troy brought to Utrecvht for this occasion: It’s a miniature mysim doll! On screen we are shown a short ceremony and then the Opening Festival is really over.

Mysims Racing

Mysims Racing is in full development at the moment, which is why we are not allowed to record any of it on film or photo yet. Troy is showing us what this game is about.

As well as Mysims Party, Mysims Racing is a multiplayer game. In the menu we can see several options:

Create a Sim
This is where you can create your own racing sim.

Performance Upgrades
Hier you can upgrate your racing performance. It’s comparable to upgrading your status points in Mysims party.

Styling upgrade
No further introduction needed: Pimp your race car!

Paint Shop
This is where you paint your racing car.

There are 3 different sizes of cars, each size with its own set of advantages and disadvantages.

It is in fact possibkle to save your very own car with sim in it to your WII remote and take it with you to your friends. You just connect your WII remote when you’re there and then you can show and use your own car with sim.

In this game’s city there are several buildings. In the beginning of this game the city looks kind of boring and its buildings are small and primitive. But if you – for example- do an assignment for Gino, that means Gino’s building gets to grow. This is how you can let the city blossom by doing assignments for the different characters.
There is a friendship book, it shows which assignment you did for who, and also who challenged you.

Just like the city the race tracks look primitive. But the more you play the game and accomplish things, the better your race tracks start looking.

You can make racing as difficult as you feel like: There are easy racing tracks, but also hard ones with lots of curves. While racing you can pick up several extra’s which are spread all over the racing tracks. If you perform advanced moves, you get a boost.

You can play the racing tracks of the different mysims characters and unlock parts that belong to that particular character. Sometimes you can even unlock the racing car of that character!

Mysims Racing supports several WII addons, like the remote, the wheel, numbchuck..

After Troy showed us a few races, it was time to leave. Tim and Troy flew to London that same day and took a plane back to San Francisco the next morning. It was great to have met Tim again, and to have met Troy for the first time. Mysims Racing is a game that combines the toughness of racing with the cuteness of the mysims, a very special combination. Mysims Party seems to be nice to play on your own, but great to play in a group! You can spend many great nights like this, I think!

MySims Party & MySims Racing

January 12th, 2009 by mogway

There will be an event about these 2 games on January 30th, you can ask your questions in the comment section

Electronic Arts Inc. (NASDAQ:ERTS), today announced the next two titles to be released within the MySims” Franchise. MySims” Party and MySims” Racing, available for the Wii” and Nintendo DS”, will release in 2009.

“When we created the MySims world, we believed that the MySims characters could be part of a variety of different gaming experiences. We are thrilled
to bring MySims Party and MySims Racing to fans and new players alike,” said Tim LeTourneau, Executive in Charge of Production for MySims. “We’ve had great success with MySims, with both the original game and this fall’s MySims Kingdom. Players have really connected with the characters and now we are giving them two completely new and exciting experiences. We believe that MySims Party and MySims Racing, are great ways to couple the creativity and humor players love about the franchise with great multi-player arcade gameplay.?

MySims Party for the Wii

MySims Party turns any gathering into an instant party with 50 mini games to choose from, each hosted by a different MySim. You and your friends have the chance to Stick the Trick in the extreme snowboarding mini game, outrun a robot in Robo Assault or shake your groove thing with DJ Candy during the Go Go Dancing challenge. Each MySim character brings a unique combination of skill to the mission, with differing levels of endurance, speed and luck giving you the option to choose the best MySim for the task. You can play mini games one right after the other, or you and your friends can compete in a themed festival such as food, music or sports that offers multiple mini games.

MySims Party for the Nintendo DS

Take the mini games with you! MySims Party for the Nintendo DS offers 40 mini games to choose from. These games, specific for the DS, offer hours of entertainment. You can dig up dinosaur fossils during Excavate-a-Saurus, join Goth Boy on a first person shooter mission during Haunted Hunted or rock out with Air-Guitar-Star!

MySims Racing for the Wii

Race to the finish line in MySims Racing! Face a variety of tricky MySim opponents on a huge variety of exotic tracks! Take on up to three friends in intense multiplayer racing. During your race, find awesome power-ups such as the heat-seeking jack-o-lantern pumpkin or a bubble dropper that can help you wreck the competition. There are nearly endless customization options so that your car reflects your high-gear personality. You can swap bodies, change paint jobs and add tons of accessories. Not only can you change the look of your car, you can also improve power, acceleration and handling by mixing and matching engines, suspension and tires.

MySims Racing for the Nintendo DS

Take the race with you! MySims Racing for the Nintendo DS allows you and up to three of your friends to race each other using local wireless or Nintendo Wi-Fi.

MySims Party and MySims Racing were developed at The Sims Studio. MySims Party is rated E for Everyone by the ESRB, 3+ by PEGI, and has an MSRP of $39.99 for the Wii version and $29.99 for the Nintendo DS. MySims Racing has not yet been rated. For more information please visit For assets, please visit

Source: Pr inside

MySims Kingdom Wii (and DS), My Sims PC preview

September 9th, 2008 by mogway

Yesterday (08-09-2008) DMS2c was invited to a producer tour of MySims Kingdom, MySims pc and MySims Kingdom for DS.
First Tim LeTourneau told us about MySims Kingdom

MySims Kingdom WII
If you’re thinking great another expansion, well then i’ve to disappoint you, because MySims Kingdom is a standalone game and it’s not like the 1st MySims game!
MySims Kingdom is a puzzle adventure game and is not really focused on building like the 1st game.
The game has some mini puzzles you need to solve to get further in the game.
Of course there are some sims you know from the original MySims game, like Buddy, Elmira, Violet and more, but there are also new sims like King Roland, Princess Butter and Gonk.
Also your sim is able to jump now and you’ll have to use it as well.

In MySims Kingdom you can choose to play a boy or a girl, that’s new

There are new outfits, new hairs and when you play the game you’ll unlock more clothing, but also furniture, walls and other stuff.

When you start the game a story will come up and tell you stuff about the game and your role in it.
It’s like opening a fairytale book and you become part of that fairytale.

You are a wandolier, and it’s your job to help King Roland and other people.

After the cut-scene you’ll begin in front of a house, where you’ll be given your 1st task.
The game is all about tasks and solving puzzles and of course saving the kingdom.
When you’re done your friend Buddy will give you another task.
During these tasks you’ll learn how to play the game and how to jump and stuff like that.
All these things come automatically and sometimes even with a cut-scene.

After that you’ll meet up with Lyndsay, she and Buddy will stay with you through the whole game.
And they will help you with advice and also bring a nice funny element to the game

Then it’s time to meet King Roland himself, and new sims of course.
King Roland turns out to be a funny guy as well.
After everyone is set you’ll be taken to a magical island where you’ll learn how to handle your wand.
When you play the game you’ll notice that you almost have no loading time between changing to the building mode or anything.
And mostly you’ll get a really funny cut-scene as well.

The Travelogue contains a lot of useful information, like the tasks you’re working on and more.
The currency they use is called Mana and you can collect Mana from shaking the trees.
But something has changed when you want to chop down the tree you really need to make chop movements!
You still need to collect essences and build things, but it all works to get further into the storyline.
You can also trade essences for Mana with Lyndsay.

These are the lands you can travel to and do tasks for sims.
There is a cutetopia, a spooky island and my personal favorite: an Island with Elves 😛

On every island there are new and old sims you can talk with and get tasks from.
And of course Buddy and Lyndsay will follow you.
When you select an Island, you’ll get a funny cut-scene with the 3 sims on a boat.

When a sim has an exclamation point above their head they will have a task for you.
A funny twist will be the story of our favorite goth sim Violet, but you’ll have to find that out on yourself.

If you want to place anything you’ll need your wand, and for solving puzzles you’ll need it as well.

With the right amount of essences you can even get more power with your wand.
You can find essences on trees, in walls and of course you can treasure hunt for essences.

You can unlock several things, and to build / place them you’ll need the Mana.

You can build things on top of each other, and sometimes you’ll need to build stairs or bridges.

There are also some new things you can do between sims, this makes the game more fun.

MySims Kingdom is really different from MySims because of the puzzle element, it’s also funnier and the controls are still the same.
I doubted the original game of MySims but having played that game at home it changed my opinion completely, with MySims Kingdom i just know that if you liked the 1st MySims you’ll love this game as well.
Also because of the puzzle – adventure type gameplay it’s more fun to play, then just build stuff.

Then Erik Zwerling producer of MySims for the pc told us about this new game.

MySims PC

Well this looks familiar, and it is.
MySims for the pc is just like the WII version of it, but it has a little more then the WII version.

Ok a little recap, you’ll get into a town and sims have left, your the towns new builder and you need to build houses and furniture for the sims that want to live there.
Everyday new sims will arrive in the hotel and you decide which sims will live in your village.

In the pc version there are 5 new NPC’s, and 1 of them is Wendolyn, you might recognize her, because witches and warlocks in the Sims 2 apartment life can make a statue of her 😉

Besides new NPC’s there are also some new things you can build.
But still the game is the same as the Wii version, except for 1 big thing!

With the pc version the trainstation has a purpose 😀
Through it you can go online and chat and play online with your friends! For Free!

You can see which friends are online, and which are not.
To play online you either need to invite people or you need to get invited.
A total of 8 sims can play online together in a place called the garden.

You’ll need to know the exact MySims name of your friend, because it’s not like an online chatbox, it’s a private garden.
When you invite your friends you can exchange things you’ve made, or essences, just chat, play tag or even redecorate the 8 houses.
Only 1 person at a time can change a house.

There are also other structures so you can even play hide and seek as well.
There are over 50 new animations to the game.

MySims for the PC is really great due to the fact you can play with your friends online and you can really share your creations with everyone.
You can give things you’ve made to your friends or put them on a website for everyone to download.
The game is also laptop friendly, and the building system works the same as the building on the WII.

Then Tim told us a bit about the DS version of MySims Kingdom
We didn’t have a lot of time left so the information will be short.
The plot line is you’ve come to a kingdom and everything is gone, you need to fiend out who did it and why.
Through 9 mini games and talking to people you’ll need to solve this mystery!

The games will come out at the end of October.
Of course i propably forgot stuff to mention lol, but it gives you an idea about the games, well except for the DS game, we spend most of our time on the new WII MySims kingdom game.

We would like to thank Tim and Erik for telling us about these new games, and also we would like to thank EA Netherlands for the great day!

8 september Dutch preview MySims kingdom and MySims pc

September 2nd, 2008 by mogway

This monday DMS2C will attend a producer tour of MySims Kingdom and MySims on the pc.
If you have any questions you can post them in the comment section 😀

News round up

October 12th, 2007 by mogway

So much to tell so little time. First of all i’m very sorry about not making any new content or posting news lately.
It’s really been a busy time and it will stay that way until the end of this year.
I’m following a new course for work and it’s taking a lot off my free time.
So that also means that the remaining Altador constellation clothes will have to wait for the new year.
Well enough unimportant things now things that matter:

The Sims 2 Free time
It appears that will be the new name of the new expansion for the sims 2 on the PC.
Source: Snootysims

The Sims 2 Castaway
Finally the producers walkthroughs are online and they’re really great.
Even the DS version looks better then ever.
You can watch the video’s here

The Sims 2 Teen style stuff
There are 4 new screen from this pack, that will come out in November.
For all the screenshots go to this page

Has been released some time ago but there was a chat recently, you can read the whole chat here
Also today the Dutch community launched a funpack about MySims, in it are several avatars, signatures and wallpapers for you to use!
The avatars can also be picked as your avatar on our forum!
To download the funpack click here

jackieava80×80.jpg cheerava80×80.jpgbeeava80×08.jpg

Bon Voyage Patch
And last but not least, EA has released a new patch for BV.
The patch solves the following things:

Note: Not all fixes will take effect on existing The Sims 2 Bon Voyage saved games. If you have an existing lot, Sim, object or neighborhood that does not seem to be improved by this patch, we recommend that you replace the affected object, or create either a new family, lot or neighborhood, depending on what is affected by the bug.

* Sims will no longer have the option to call vacation service NPCs after acquiring the business perk “Head for Numbers” which was causing a crash.
* Sims will no longer have the option to “Call Taxi” using their cell phones if they have driven to the community lot with an own-able vehicle which was causing a crash.
* If the Sim misses the shuttle, it will no longer return to a vacation lot without the Sim at the end of the vacation. Sometimes, this caused the vacation lot to become unusable.
* Game will no longer create new vacation NPCs each time a lot is visited which was causing many issues due to character file overload. Any existing extra NPCs will be unlinked and their character files greatly reduced in size.
* Periodic Events Controller will no longer loop twice per hour through each neighbor which was causing extreme lag on certain machines.
* Autonomous water-balloon and snowball fights have been tuned so the interaction will occur less frequently.

Weerwolf RPG
De 1e editie van het Weerwolf RPG was een groot succes! Hulde aan Sara (Nefje) en Isilya (Mogway) voor het overleven van deze 1e editie!
Er start binnenkort een 2e editie en we zijn nog steeds op zoek naar mensen die graag willen meedoen, en grotere groep maakt het natuurlijk alleen leuker. Het enige wat je nodig hebt is een (gratis) account op ons forum en een gezonde dosis humor en fantasie.
Voor meer informatie over de 2e editie kun je hier terecht ook staat in dit topic de 1e editie!

MySims! Email

July 12th, 2007 by mogway


Hi there,

Let me introduce myself. I’m Tim LeTourneau, the Executive Producer of MySimsâ„¢. I’ve been making Sims games for more than seven years, and it’s so exciting to be able to share with you this brand-new innovation in the Sims line up. For those of you that know and love The Sims, I promise this new experience will introduce you to a whole new creative playground. And for those of you that may just be finding out about The Sims, MySims could be the perfect opportunity to get acquainted with these fascinating little people.

We started development on MySims early in 2006. We had a goal of unlocking player creativity like never before on a video game system. I really think we accomplished that goal and I’m anxious to share all the details of the game with you over the next few months.
MySims is a game about bringing a little town back to life. You do that by building it from the ground up. One of my favorite features of the game (ok, I have quite a few) has a lot to do with building. Create A Building lets you build a variety of houses and shops, with snap together blocks. You just pick up a building block with the Wii Remote and put it where you want. Then you grab a window, a door, a roof, and just snap them in place. It’s one of those things you really have to feel in your hand to understand how fun it is, but I guarantee it is a great feeling, especially when you see the house or shop you designed sitting right there in town square. There are many expert features too, so when you feel like you’ve mastered the basics, you can do things like resize and rotate blocks with the directional pad. And one of the coolest things is that throughout the game, you get new blocks as new people move in – so not only will you want to strive to build up the town so you can get more blocks, you can also go back and remodel some of the first things you built if you want. Eventually with all the blocks you can customize the town just as you envision it.

Create A Building is just one of many cool features in MySims. So keep checking back for more updates.

Talk to you soon,


MySims preview

June 12th, 2007 by mogway

Preview in Dutch

On Monday June 4 DMS2C was invited for a preview of MySims! for the WII and the DS. Because there was an embargo on this preview we weren’t allowed to post about it until today.
Unfortunately we don’t have any pictures because our camera is broken, but when the other previews come online you can look at their photo’s (links will follow shortly)
Also we didn’t get a real impression of the DS version because there was only 1 DS, so this preview is mostly about the WII version.
Pictures in this preview are used with permission of starrats!

The MySims preview was held in Utrecht, and it was lead by Tim LeTourneau and by Robin Hunicke ( she also worked on the sims 2, her first experience with the sims 2 was with the expansion pack OFB, she worked on the crafting tables)

MySims is really different then what we are used to of a sims version, this is mostly because MySims is designed for Nintendo.
Because Nintendo is Japanese the sims look a little Japanese as well.
When you start with the game it’s really weird because they don’t really look like the sims we know, but after a while you start getting used to them and they’re just sims again.

The game is played in a ghost town, well at first because when you start playing the town get’s more alive.
The goal is to rebuild the town again, a 5 star town to be exact.
You start the game by creating your sim.

You create your sim in a sort of cas, but it’s different the the cas of the sims 2, you’re not getting a screen with all the clothing that’s in the game, but you have to click your way through it until you see something you like.
You can change your sim just by clicking on it, head, hair, clothes.
When you start a new game you only have a little selection of options you can choose from, but when you start to play it you’ll get more options.
There are a lot of clothes and hair styles you can unlock during the game.
You can also change the voice of your sim, there are 5 voices and you can make them very high or low.
There isn’t an option to choose a male or female sim, you just create a sim that looks male of female.

When your done creating your sim you can go into town. The fun thing is that in MySims you’re not bound to a house, but you can walk freely through the town! And even better, you can create all the furniture and houses yourself! YES ALL!!! You have a workshop, there you can create the furniture with help of a blueprint.
Again when you first start the game the blueprint will be rather simple but as you progress in the game you’ll unlock new blueprints to create the weirdest looking furniture you’ve ever seen, or not if you just want normal furniture.
After creating you give it a texture, again it’s limited at first.

The goal of the game is to get your town rated with 5 stars, this means the town is living again. To get stars you need to fulfill tasks from other sims who live in your town.

The 1st sim you’ll meet is Poppy, the local florist, she’s going to ask you to make her something. To make objects you need essence, there are many different sorts of essences, you can get essences by making a sim happy, or sad or later in the game you unlock special essences fields.
The game doesn’t have a money currency, you collect the things you need or just steal them.
When you’ve accepted Poppy’s task you can go to your workshop to build the object she wants.
In your workshop you’ll get a blueprint of the object you need to build, you can use blocks to build the object.

There are a lot of different types of blocks so you can create everything like chairs, tables, beds and tv’s.
Now you can decide if you want to make Poppy the thing she wants and make her happy or just create something you like!
If you create the thing Poppy wants you’ll get a nice happy looking town, if you create somethings people don’t want your town with get a Gothic look.

Whatever you choose it’s going to determine the type of sims that want to live in your town, also you decide which sims are going to live in your town.
When sims want to live in your town they’ll go to the hotel, from there you can decide whether they’re going to live in it or not.
There are about 80 NPC’s in this game.

Besides the furniture you also create all the houses in the game, you can also redesign the houses that are already in the game.
Again you build the houses with blocks, when you start to build a house you’ll see a green grid where you can build your house on, there are a lot of creations you can make with different sizes of blocks, but you can’t make something like a cathedral.
It’s very easy to build a house, you just put the blocks on the grid and give it a nice color.
You’ll get more colors during the game, there is also a lot of decoration for around the houses and you can even place things on the roof.
You can build a 1st floor, but there are no stairs in the game, so it’s there only for decoration.

The gameplay is very easy, you meet new sims, you talk to them and ask them what they want, then you’re going to collect the things you need to make the object, after collecting everything you’ll go to your workshop and create it, then give it back to the sim.
At first the tasks will be easy, but the further you get the harder they’ll be!

There’s also a garden where you can make essences grow, we’ve been told that it’s possible to grow an eyeball tree for a specific kind of essence.
You can also chop down your trees to make room for new trees. You just plant the seeds and give it water and a new tree will start to grow immediately!

It’s a single player game, and you only play with the sim you’ve made, there is no family connections and the sims don’t have needs.
At one point in the game you’ll get a costume shop, there you can give your sim a new outfit, you can dress your sim up as a social bunny, or the cute panda bear suits for toddlers, or just dress your sim up like a pirate or a princes.

There is no connectivity possible between the DS and the WII, because they’re both different games.

In the DS version you control a holiday island and you need to satisfy all the people who come there for a holiday.
The DS versions also has mini games.

A release date isn’t known at this time, but it should be somewhere this fall.

MySims is a very fun game, especially for someone who’s never played the sims on the pc. For the sims 2 players it will be getting used to because of the graphics of this game. Whether “die hard” simsfans will like this game really depends on the simsfan.
A really great aspect about the WII version is that you can create new furniture without using other programs to make new meshes.

Of course we would like to thank EA Benelux for inviting us, and giving us a great afternoon in Utrecht!

DeKDeS with producer Robin